Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Thank You for HPV

The first step to healing is to clean up your life. You must clean the soil (that is, your body and your mind) so the virus cannot survive or thrive. This is important since healing is a journey, and you must begin the journey with a clean house, a clean mind, a clean body, and a clean slate.

Initially, your house cleaning might feel like spring cleaning, as you get rid of all the old, unwanted feelings, habits, and activities to make room for healthier, happier alternatives. But once you do, you’ll be able to maintain your housekeeping regimen, keeping the negative out and letting the positive in. Be committed to your happiness and strive as often as possible to be surrounded by things, peoples, and places that truly make you happy.

If you are currently living in a toxic environment where you are unhappy, it may be time to make that change you know you’ve been wanting to make. Being unhappy is a burden that will rob you of the potential to experience joy and pleasure that life has to offer.

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