Excerpt from Thank You for HPV Chapter 3: Food Healing

In this phase of healing, you only want to consume foods and liquids that boost your immune system. Anything that goes against that is not allowed in your temple!

I’ve always been fascinated with the human body. Our body is a miracle. It’s an amazing machine that heals itself all day long. However, our body needs the right ingredients to do its job. It needs the right ingredients to heal, too.

You’ve heard the expression garbage in, garbage out. Well, the body is the perfect example of a machine. If you put good things into the machine, you get good things out of it, like health, happiness, strength, and a good life. The reverse is also true, though. If you gunk your body up with garbage and things that are bad for it (like cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, and empty calories), the result will be health problems, injury, stress, pain, fatigue, and even depression or anxiety.

You are what you eat is most certainly one of the truest clichés known to woman.

There are three essential, basic points that are crucial to any physical detox, once we’ve eliminated smoking, alcohol, and other toxins:

• Drinking good clean water and drinking lots of it

• Eating organic, unprocessed foods

• Taking herbs and supplements that boost your immune system

It’s simple. Eliminate the bad stuff and replace it with the good stuff. If it comes from the Earth, there’s a very good chance it’s good for you. If it comes from a box, it’s probably lost a lot of those qualities that make it so amazingly healing.

4 thoughts on “Excerpt from Thank You for HPV Chapter 3: Food Healing

  1. Hey I was just diagnosed with hpv and they immediately did a colpo well my results came back cin II and cin III. I’m scheduled for pre-op n the 26. I have a 6 year old and this has been stressing me tremendously. I researched what I could and came across your site. I donated and now is waiting for the book so I can begin the healing process. I’m so glad to have others here to talk with as I still haven’t been able to talk with my loved ones. Please offer some advice. P.s. my doctor reccommended that I take care of the cervical dysplasia now rather than do nayural.

    • Follow you doctor’s advice. Doc’s want to treat the symptoms and that’s ok/ The natural way treats the cause- and that’s for the long-tern healing. Read the book, it will help you!

  2. Hi, I had went to my doctor to get some bumps on my private area checked out and she said it looked like genital warts. I’m really scared. I get a phone call tomorrow with the lab results. I just got another bump and it’s bigger and it worries me even though I shouldn’t be stressing out because that’s bad for me. If it does turn out to be hpv what kind of food healing can I do on a college budget on a campus that doesn’t offer organic fresh foods?

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