Where did HPV come from?

from http://clinicalresearchaz.com/2009/08/where-did-hpv-originate-from/

HPV is spreading at a fast rate and has become more common. HPV has developed into many different types of strains and some infected people have developed cancer within the lower extremities. One of the most devastating aspects of the disease is that once it enters the body, it’s not curable. This virus is a papillomavirus, which is the oldest, largest and most diverse type of viruses. History shows that the relative of this type of virus resulted in sprout warts dating back to dinosaurs.

Most professionals believe that HPV first appeared 700 million years ago and has been multiplying, spreading and evolving since. As of today, the virus has become so very common that millions of people have contracted it. Since this virus enters the body through skin to skin contact or sexual intercourse, people should be very careful while choosing a sexual partner and use protection while practicing sex. Practicing safe sex is very important, as this serious virus can enter the body very easily and remain forever.


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