Dr. Oz Talks About The New Faces of HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

Posted by Kyle Nofuente on Thursday, October 11, 2012 on http://www.nerdles.com/2012/10/11/dr-oz-talks-about-the-new-faces-of-hpv-human-papillomavirus/

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, if you’re 30 years old and older, find out the shocking truth about human papillomavirus or HPV. Dr. Oz reveals that roughly 80% of people will have it in their lifetime, and most of us would never even know it. Unfortunately, not knowing we have HPV may ultimately lead to cancer and death.

Sandy shares her story about losing her sister to cervical cancer brought about by HPV. She says that if her sister had known she had HPV, she would still be alive today because catching it early is completely curable. But why do most people find out too late? Sandy believes it’s because there’s a stigma to it as it’s popularly known as a sexual disease. The truth is, however, that it can happen to anyone for any reason and she believes that everyone needs to know because this is something that can be easily prevented.

So how can you tell if you have HPV? Joined by Dr. Harper and Dr. Ashton, Dr. Oz reveals that HPV is a tiny virus that likes to live in the top skin cells of your body – it’s very superficial. All HPV is pretty much all symptomatic – meaning that you could HPV and not even know it. The stigma from the social must be separated from the medical they share, and the only way to know or not if you have HPV is to have a pap test. The important thing is what do you do with the information?

You don’t even have to have sex to contract the disease. Heavy petting is enough to pass and contract the disease. Even if you’ve only been with one person in your life, our doctors share that you can still be at risk of HPV. In fact, HPV can lay dormant on the skin for 10-20 years before it finally reveals itself. Again, the only to find out if you’re at risk is to get a pap smear. The sooner you have the test done, the better, Dr. Oz shares.

Our doctors reveal that HPV is now the leading cause of oral cancer – it’s not smoking. A brave studio audience member asks how to prevent contracting HPV when giving fellatio. Dr. Ashton says the use of condoms or dental dams would be best. Better yet, just skip it if you’re concerned about it, Dr. Ashton says. Plus, Dr. Harper also shares that HPV causes more than just one cancer. In fact, HPV can be the cause of the following cancers: cervical, oral, vulvar, penile, vaginal, anal – remember that you don’t actually have to have intercourse, you don’t have to have actual penetration to contract HPV. That social stigma from the disease must be viewed in a new light.

Dr. Oz and crew tackle the common Q’s about HPV:

“I’ve been married for years so who gave me HPV?” Dr. Ashton says they don’t really know nor fully understand what causes HPV to reappear. Remember, it could lay dormant for years before it pops up.
“I just found out I have HPV. What do I do?” Dr. Harper says NOT to panic. Most of the symptoms can be cured, but you need to stay in the system, stay in the know. Talk and keep in touch with your doctor. If you smoke, you also need to stop now as quitting is the single most important thing you can do to stop HPV from getting worse, Dr. Ashton shares.
“Does using a condom offer enough protection from getting HPV?” Dr. Harper says not completely as a condom does not prevent complete protection from skin-to-skin contact. They help reduce one’s chances but it’s not 100% effective.
“Are genital warts the same as HPV?” Dr. Harper shares that the HPV family is not a family of warts, and that genital warts are highly unlikely to “grow” into a cancerous disease.
“Are men able to be tested for HPV?” Dr. Harper says there is no good method at all to test men for HPV.
Dr. Oz says that if you’re over age 30 up to 65, you should ask your doctor for a pap test. If it comes back negative, you don’t have to best test for HPV for another 5 years. Dr. Ashton notes, however, that that doesn’t mean you don’t see your gynecologist for 5 years; you should still be seeing your doctor for a physical exam every year. Vaccines are available (made by the Duvac pharma company), and Dr. Harper as the vaccine expert, says that one can get the vaccine as early as age 15. However, they do not know for how long the vaccine will remain effective (Gardasil and Cervarix), and it doesn’t protect against every kind of HPV.
That’s our recap of the show today on 10/11/12. Tomorrow, Dr. shares Dr. Andrew Weil’s new anti-inflammatory diet. Until then please do check out our OZ archives HERE.

Image credit: Dr. Oz.


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