Excerpt from Chapter 6: Thank You for HPV: Gratitude

Gratitude is an important ingredient in the healing process. I called this book “Thank You for HPV” to get your attention and also because your attitude towards this thing called HPV is a super-important.

It’s totally normal to feel upset, sad, and angry about having HPV in your body. If you need to cry, cry girl! If you need to scream, do it! Get it out so it does not stay stuck in your body- and then take a deep, deep breath.

Gratitude is a special gift that gives us access to our manifestation powers. When we are grateful for what we have, and really take the time to feel deep appreciation in our hearts, we enter a state of bliss. Gratitude is a gateway to heaven on earth. It has a powerful effect on our mental, emotional, spiritual, and yes, even physical well‐being.

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