The father of a girl left in a “waking coma” after a suspected reaction to the HPV vaccination has called on the Government to stop using it.

Lucy Hinks photo

Lucy Hinks

Steve Hinks, of Port Carlisle near Wigton, has been campaigning vociferously for more tests to be carried out into Cervarix since his daughter Lucy, then just 13, was struck down with a rare illness.

For 13 weeks she did not open her eyes, rousing slightly for just an hour every day to be spoon fed.

Her family have consistently blamed the HPV vaccination – which protects against cervical cancer – claiming she began suffering from extreme exhaustion soon after having the jab.

Their campaign received a welcome boost recently with the news that the Japanese government has ruled that it will no longer use the drug. Mr Hinks has now called upon the British Government to follow their lead.

“Our government needs to do more,” he insisted, “that is for certain. But the Department of Health won’t.

“There is so much evidence out there that this vaccine needs to be tested further.”

The Hinks family have been in contact with families from England and around the world who all claim to have suffered side effects of the drugs.

The Government has always denied any serious health problems.

Lucy, now 15, is recovering but very slowly – last week she managed to attend school for one hour.

“She is very very delicate,” Mr Hinks said. “It has been a difficult process: we have even been investigated – and cleared – for fabricating her illness.

“Lucy herself is very hurt and very bitter, but wants to protect other girls from this.”

A spokesman for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) insisted that more than six million vaccines have been administered and there is “no evidence to suggest the vaccines are a cause of long-term illness or pain”.

“The basis of the advice in Japan is currently unclear and EU regulators are in contact with the Japanese authorities to gather more information,” he continued.

“The MHRA has been closely monitoring the safety of Cervarix and Gardasil HPV vaccines in the UK and will keep this issue under close review.”

First published at 15:25, Tuesday, 02 July 2013
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