Learn the truth about how to get rid of HPV.

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“I am writing to let you know that I have cleared the HPV from my body. The warts are gone and I just tested normal at my gynecologist. Thank you so much for your book and for putting yourself out there in such a real way.” G.N.Thank You for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself




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You CAN move on past HPV and live a happy and healthy life. I’ve done it and so have thousands others. You can too.

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This website was created for anyone who has been diagnosed with HPV. It is helpful for men, women, teenagers and grown adults.

“Thank you for HPV” was written to help support people with HPV. It contains the steps you need to heal naturally and to stay healthy through diet, meditation, exercise, and a cleansing of the body and the mind. It also contains step-by-step instructions to disappear warts, start feeling better right away and to live an awesome life- right now!

Don’t wait, get your copy today, and move on with your life!

In my book, “Thank you for HPV”, I share with you my HPV experience from beginning to end and I share how I effectively eliminate any trace of HPV in my body. We explore together how to have a healthy mind- which ultimately leads to a healthy body.

I will also share with you the healing foods I used to heal my body.

I know this works because it worked for me—it changed my life and my health. Now, I pass on the solution that will change yours.

My healing protocol is NOT a replacement to your doctors recommendations. It can be in addition-to, or an eye opener to what is possible. I hope this will give you clarity and guide you on your way to healing. I endorse integrative medicine, where both eastern and western medicine meet and work together.

I wrote “Thank You for HPV” because I know how it feels to leave the gynecologist’s  after learning about an abnormal pap test. I was scared and confused, and like you, I was full of questions about HPV and didn’t know where to find the answers.

Thank You for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself

(for men and women)

Get the E-Book Edition by donation

 Ebook will be emailed to you immediately.

Paperback Edition (available at Amazon.com)
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My Story (excerpt from “Thank You for HPV”)
When I was 17 years old, I went for my yearly gynecologist checkup and was told I had something called HPV. After asking multiple questions, I left the clinic with no answers to this shocking news.
I walked out, like a zombie, opened the door to my car, sat in the drivers seat and sobbed my eyes out on the steering wheel. I was confused, upset, ashamed and I felt more alone than ever. I decided to ignore HPV and never talked about it to anyone again.
Years passed,, Pap test after Pap test, my results turned up normal. A voice in the back of my head would say “They told you it could lay dormant forever… you still have HPV, they just can’t detect it.”
This shameful secret of mine made me feel like I was carrying some kind of weird “HPV COMPLEX” – though invisible to everyone else, it tore at my heart and ripped at my self-esteem.

Fast forward 12 years later, I get my results back from my Pap test: ABNORMAL. They want me to come in again for further testing.
The news does not come as much as a shock- I’ve been waiting for the comeback- but I did not expect to feel so … afraid.

I ask to see the head nurse, I have more questions about my abnormal Pap test.

“Mrs. De Gaia  you had some questions?”

“Yes, what do I do about this HPV thing? How do I get rid of it?”

“Well, since it is viral, there is nothing you can do about it Mrs. De Gaia. It’s something you’ll have, most likely, for the rest of your life.”

“What do you mean for the rest of my life? What do you mean by “viral”, can’t viruses be treated?”

“Because it’s a virus, it cannot be treated.”

“So this surgery you are recommending- the freezing- it will only remove the symptoms, the warts- but we are not addressing the cause.”

“That’s right. The freezing removes the external and internal warts- but it does not guarantee that it will not return.”

“What if I don’t want to do the freezing?”

“This is what we highly recommend, at this stage.”

“So what do you tell all the other women who come through here and get the news they have HPV??”

“Well, they say you can work on boosting your immune system, that would help.”

“How do I do that?”

“It’s something you can look up, that would be a place for you to start”

“What about sex, can I still have sex with my boyfriend?”

“That’s up to you. HPV is transmitted sexually. And can be transferred even when using a condom.”

“So, I shouldn’t have sex with my boyfriend? Well we’ve been having sex, so he probably has it to, right? How do I know if he has it?”

“There are no tests for men. There’s no way to know if men have HPV.”


“Any other questions?”

“How often do you have to tell a young woman that she has HPV?”

“Frequently. It’s very common in young women.”

“And there is no solution to it?”


This time when I walk out to my car, I am fully aware. I could smell the exhaust from other vehicles and I could hear everything around me. Unlike the first time I got this news, I now see this as an opportunity.

I open my car door, sit in the drivers seat and I put my hands on the steering wheel.

“Alright Zee. This is your test, your guru, your opportunity to heal yourself and to help many many other women do the same. It’s time to focus on YOU. Let’s go to work.”

I began my research. I studied, I researched. I asked questions, I took classes and workshops. I empowered myself in every way I knew how – physically, mentally and spiritually. I took my healing very seriously- and I knew there was no going back. This was the beginning a new Chapter of my life- and I couldn’t wait to see the person I would become after this! I knew if I was going to beat this thing called HPV, it was up to me.

Today, I AM 100% HPV-FREE.

Thank You for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself

(for men and women)

E-Book Edition

DONATIONS ACCEPTED (yes, there is not set price, I want you to have this information, regardless of money)

Paperback Edition (available at Amazon.com)
Get it here

I’ll never forget getting my Pap-test results after I’d been doing all the healing work. I was nervous and excited. I called the automated message service and listened intently “The results of your PAP test”, the automated voice said to me “(PAUSE)….. NORMAL”

Thank you God. I did it. Thank You God”

I want you to be HPV-Free, too. If modern medicine does not have a cure for HPV, then you’ve got nothing to lose by choosing the natural method. It worked for me, and it can work for you.

And know this- every range of HPV, from mild to severe, can be reversed the natural way.

The journey of healing is a gift. HPV, or any other threat to our health, is a gift, wrapped in muck, but inside lies a brilliant gem—the gift of health and wellness that comes from knowing yourself and the motivation to create a new beginning in your life.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.04.10 AM

Thank You for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself

E-Book Edition

DONATIONS ACCEPTED (yes, there is not set price, I want you to have this information, regardless of money)

Paperback Edition (available at Amazon.com)
Get it here

289 thoughts on “Learn the truth about how to get rid of HPV.

  1. Hello. My name is michelle. I have been trying to fight this hpv for five years. I heard theres a vitamin called dim plus out there that i can buy. I dont know where to find it though lol. I thought mine was cured as well and it came back on my last pap test. I know it can be very frustrating news and theres times i wish it would just go away. Do you got any other tips cuz i am hoping theres something i could do

    • HI Michelle. I’m glad you found this website. You can download my ebook- Thank You for HPV- by donation. Also, email me specific questions at zeinasmidi@mac.com, I am here to help. Thank you so much for writing. We are all healing together.

      • Hello,

        I want to make a donation. I have had HPV for two years and it is very devastating. I want to heal from it. How do I get the E-book if I make a donation? I am so happy that I found you. Please Help.

        Best Regards

      • I was wondering the same thing!! I would be happy to send you money through snail mail, for the same lack of electronic money, in exchange for a copy of this ebook, that I’m sure is as wonderful as the introduction, I’m not exactly positive that i have hpv but my boyfriends ex recently told him that she has it and that she got it from him, when i found out i did not start panicing because i have so much faith in natural healing, but the hard part is figuring out the perfect combination to return the body to good health, i certaintly don’t want to wait until it blows out of proportion because i really hate seeing him worry so protrudingly about the news… i m just looking for some really good should answers to make sure that both of us escape this terrible virus, and i know with a good immune system, but i am concerned with my knowlege that i do show many many signs of very weak faint immune system, i have chapped lips basically all year round, i sneeze and have liquidity boogers on a daily basis my nails tend to split my hair enjoys splitting also, so I’m not too confident in my bodys abilities to heal it’s self Andwould love and appreciate reading a book such as yours to educate myself on what type of patterns should i fall into to come out the other end sucessfully clean of hpv that i most likely have, and perhaps even better! The things i am aware of that do help are things like keeping active vitamin c l lysime garlic oil of oregano echonasyia ginger apple cider vineger tumeric aloe and healing pesto recipes as they may serve me well and eliminate the virus, and I’m sure that your story includes a whole bunch more remedies I’m only skimming the surface!! So i hope you see this and have a nice day much love much much love!!!

      • I just want to say thank you. I just finished the book today
        I was just diagnosed, at first I just laid in bed crying after work for a whole month.
        I honestly truely positively believe the book saved my life

    • Hi,

      I wanted to share my HPV story. I was diagnosed with HPV in 2005 and was told it might clear up. I was also told that I had a bad strain of it. I read that you need to strengthen your immune system to get rid of it. Last year I lost 25-30 lbs. (I was about 50 lbs overweight) I also took vitamins (C & B complex) almost every day for about a year. Now the doctor just checked me in March and I am clear of HPV. So it took almost 8 and a half years to get rid of. But I wanted to let people know that getting healthier may help. I don’t smoke. So I would say get yourself in shape, lose weight, and take vitamins and you may be able to get rid of it. I was shocked that it worked for me.

  2. Thank God I “stumbled” on your site. I was just diagnosed with HPV yesterday. I have been bombarded with all types of emotions since I found out. As soon as I came home I called my boyfriend of only two months (we were friends for several years before we started dating). Anyway, I explained as much as I could, but urged him to go on the Internet to read up on it for himself. He called back with some reservations about genital warts, which I do not have with the type of HPV I suffer from; he did not want to end the relationship, but I suggested that we go back to being “just friends” until this clears up. I really don’t want to put him at risk unnecessarily, even though it is likely that he is already infected or may have possibly infected me (I don’t want to speculate, since it’s not going to change the situation). At any rate, I was fearing rejection, either now or later, because of the HPV, so decided to discontinue a sexual relationship with him for now. I’m looking forward to reading your book and will definitely keep you updated on my situation. Thank you for thinking of all of us who are dealing with HPV. May you be blessed for your efforts.

    • HI Tamala. Thanks so much for your message. Please let me know how you’re doing, and how I can support you. We’re all in this together.

  3. oh my goodness THANK YOU for your incredible service to the world. you are an inspiration to me!!! I’ll be getting your ebook shortly and working with it. thank you for having the courage to be truly tapped in & turned on. like you said in your video, we must be powerful and strong as we go along our journeys of healing. I appreciate and honor you for taking that step. I’m trying to take that step myself, but it’s so hard. I wonder, where does the strength come from when we feel most hopeless? Why is there a part of us that rejects healing, and believes it’s impossible- despite others’ success stories? What do I tell that voice, that nonreality? I hope that your book will help lead me through these difficult feelings. thank you so much Zeina.

    • Dearest Kate, thank you so much for writing. Please know, you are not alone, feeling that hopeless voice, at the darkest hour….it’s part of being human. Keep feeding your mind positive affirmations, and focusing on Kate being HAPPY. Did you get the E-book yet? Please let me know and I will send it to you.

      • thank you so, so, so much. I’ve been deeply realizing the sickness-causing thought patterns… I’m working to reroute my thinking and FEEL the love in my heart penetrate all parts of my being. and like you say, HAPPINESS! 😀 I didn’t get the ebook yet, I’ve been wanting it so badly, but I don’t have a debit card of my own and need to either get one, or find someone to exchange with. I wish there was a way to send cash into the computer!! ah, the electronic age… with convenience in some areas, comes new complication! haha 🙂

  4. I do not use credit cards or bank cards but could I send you cash in exchange for the e book I have had this for a little over a month now I am only 20 so I am hoping my body will fight it off . I teared up watching your videos thank you for all you are doing .

      • Hey Zee,
        I feel so lost and alone.. Everyday I cry because I feel all hope is lost.. It’s been 3 years since I had hpv.. I read your book
        And it gave me hope and faith that hpv can go away if I continue to boost my immune system.. It’s good to know that
        I am not alone and just like me, there are women who ate dealing with this trauma…
        Thank you for your book and the tips.. I believe I will get rid of this.. I know God will watch over me and give me another chance
        Thank you

      • you’re never alone dear Denise. You’re so loved and embraced by the entire universe. always here for you girl. You’re doing great, keep taking care of you and loving YOU first.

  5. Firstly I want to thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts down to share, not many people have the dedication to others to do that. Secondly, I gave a donation but didn’t receive the ebook.. I’m confused 😛

  6. OMGosh! I’m so glad I found out about you and your book! I just received it today and am looking forward to reading it! I was diagnosed with HPV over 13 years ago and I had the same questions, feelings and concerns about treatment etc. that you had. I’m a Holistic Health Coach and recently changed my niche to working with women with HPV. I’m finding more resources by the day and am excited to read your story. Btw…When I started to write my story/bio I started out with the words “WTF is HPV?” So funny that you did too!

    • HI Lauren! Thanks so much for your comments 🙂 Please stay in touch- if I can help you with anything- and perhaps we can create something together—– I need some partners to help me get this word out!!!So many people are suffering because they don’t know the truth about how to heal themselves.

  7. you said that after u were diagnosed u got normal pap results for the next 12 yrs then it was abnormal. It was dormant so how do u know that u were actually able to cure yourself of this disease, isnt it possible that it is just dormant again??

    • Dear Karen, thank you so much for asking that question. It is asked often and I think it’s important that it is answered. The truth is, HPV can dissappear from your body- if you don’t do nothing at all– they say your immune system ca sometimes kick it out.

      So, do I really really know for sure that I don’t have HPV? Do I know for sure, that my next PAP test will come back abnormal? Truth is, I dont.

      What I do know is that I have done the work on myself to heal the emotional damage that having HPV had caused me. I am free from guilt and shame and I know that as soon as I cleared that negativity, I cleared the warts and I cleared the HPV.

      I also know that my body is a fertile ground for either disease or health- and it’s my choice and determined by the choices that I make with what I eat, drink, think and do with my precious life.

      • Please know that having read your story it gives me hope. This is devastating I will send a donation thru the mail if you will please share your address. Please keep sharing your expertise and E book. Thank you. Ann

  8. So I got informed of having HPV when I was 17, the results were abnormal and my case is mild to moderate… How can I get rid of it? I know I have to work out more and stuff, but what else?
    I’m 18 now and I just want it gone… My depression has gotten worse since I found out that I had it, I feel dirty and gross.. Please help me get rid of it

  9. I just received your book, Thank You for HPV, today in the mail. I was so excited to receive it and I read it this evening! I am 51, have been a single mom for 22 years and did not date for 15 of those years. I was devastated when I learned I had contracted HPV a year and a half ago, thought I would never be able to date again or find someone to share my life with. I do not have a relationship right now but now I am feeling it will be possible to have a relationship someday that I crave so badly. I cannot wait to start nourishing my body, mind and soul with all your advice! I know I am going to get rid of this virus and it will feel so wonderful and powerful and will change my life!!! Thank you so much for the book with your advice, recipes and encouragement! I would love your recipe for the vegan chocolate cupcakes! I love chocolate and cupcakes!! I finally feel like I am on the path of healing and will be healed! I am so excited! God’s Blessings to you!

    P.S. I am going to share this book with my daughter who has been suffering from Lyme disease and I have a strong feeling this will help her also!

    • Thank you Laurie for writing. Yes, please give the book to your daughter, it will help her. Lyme disease is another misunderstood disease and can be treated and cured as well. I”m sending you both prayers of light and healing. Namaste.

  10. I just found out yesterday that I have hpv…I have so many emotions running through my mind at this moment. I have been with the parnters for 4years and we were thinking about starting a family next year, but since I a have hpv, I was wondering if starting a family next year would be a good idea. I love my parnters and I afraid to have children now cause I know that no protection will have to be used, but I dont want him to get infected if he doesnt have the virus,so please help.

    • HI Kristen. I totally get the frustration that come sup around starting a family and HPV. I now may people who have had children despite HPV. You and you boyfriend are lucky to be going through this together. You can really create a deep bond and something magical together. If you really want to stay together- you can embark on a journey of health and fitness together, like never before. Most probably if you’ve had sex wih him in the last 4 years, you both have it. Which means you can both heal it together. Sending you healing love.

  11. hi Zee,

    im 28yrs old, and i was diagnose with HPV about 5 years ago, however the first 2 years the results were positive, i had 2 colposcopies as my type is high risk on positive, which if im not mistaking is the one that makes you more vulnerable to cervical cancer, like i said i got the colposcopies and everything came out normal, the next 3 pap smears the results were normal, im going for a pap smear soon and even though the last 3 years it show as normal, im kinda anxious about the results. if you have any thoughts or how can i do to download the book, please let me know! i only read a few parts online and im amazed… you have such an amazing way to take things and its just so encouraging and reassuring, thank you for you for that enthusiasm that you transmit to us, which help us believe that things will be ok!… xoxo

  12. Zeina,

    I stumbled across your site upon researching my fate. I would love to have a copy of your e-book, but am limited on resources. I usually do not ask for people to give or bless me for free, but I am very afraid that cervical cancer will take my life. Please, please find it in your heart to help me. I feel defeated now and have for a while. I just don’t know what else to do. I pray, I meditate, I eat right…but I am still very, very scared. I am hoping that the information in your book may provide some new insight and spark new hope for me.

  13. I got HPV when I was 18, and I am now 22 and still dealing with the disease. I’ve made different holistic approaches to the disease but I have had a hard time keeping up with my regimens and have been seeing few results. The bottom line is that I want this to go away. Maybe you have some information that you wouldn’t mind sharing. I would greatly appreciate it. – Thanks so much

  14. Hello Zeina, I was diagnosed with HPV when I was 19. It went Dormant until my last PAP that came up abnormal, I am now 25. I was so mislead when speaking to my doctor about HPV when I was 19. They told me HPV could not transfer when dormant and could not hurt men.. That they could only be carriers of it. Maybe I just comprehended things wrong when I was 19 but, this is what I have thought of HPV for years. Now I read a much different story. I have been dating a man for a couple of months and had to break the news to him yesterday… He was not pleased.. Very upset in fact but, I felt it right I had to tell him. I know why my HPV became active again because I smoke, I drink and I rarely eat. After the news yesterday that it had become active again I am ready to change. I’m ready to get better and heal myself and try to heal this man I have turned into damaged goods. I have donated to your Ebook and can not wait to receive it through email soon. I feels nice that there are other woman out there willing to hand out advice and comfort the mislead ones as well as the recently infected ones. Thank you for what you’ve done. I cant wait to read your book.

    • Hi Michelle— i totally get it girl! Wow thanks for being so generous in sharing your experience, you’d be surprised how many other women it helps too. I just sent you the book- please let me know if you want the paperback, i can send you that too. blessings.

  15. omg! crying everyday since my results – sleepless nights; constant worrying and reading on the internet…. then I found you! however; I can’t get the ebook right now – can you please help me? God is giving you a voice to help others – thank you!

  16. Thank you for this website. All the comments of the people who also suffer puts ease to my mind. I know that millions of people are infected every year, but just knowing that doesn’t make me feel better! Hearing your personal story and the replies of the many people you help makes me feel like I CAN have a life after HPV. I will purchase your E-Book as soon as possible. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!

  17. hi i am 17 and yesterday i found out i have hpv and im so scared i feel like dirty idk =[ i want to run away and cry and be alone i feel like a walking mrder what if i touch someone and they get it idk=[ im just so scared!

    • dearest Paola, everything is and will be ok. it’s ok also to feel how you feel right now. It dies not define you. It’s something that happens. Welcome to the planet Earth. HPV happens, c’est la vie. I am sending you more via email, check it out k?

  18. I’m very happy I found this website and as soon as I get the money, I shall make a donation for the book. Good evening, The names Jess and I’m a 20 yr old college student. Today, I found out I have HPV. And I cried for a good 30 minutes. My life was just getting back on track, and then this happens to me. It’s the most devastating thing that has happened… but I have faith I will have the strength and will to fight this virus and rid it out of my system. I will do what ever it takes. I don’t want this to affect my life. I’m just a little scared that my really good friend that I just started to have relations with and adore after he just got back from overseas, and who seems to really care about me, will run away once I tell him. I don’t want this to affect future relationships /: It’s hard.

  19. hey my name is monica im 22 i jus found ouy i have hpv i am so scared idk wat to do ive struggled thru out my life dealin with my mom woth cancer n my dad nw with kidney disease. nw hearing that i have hpv jus broke my heart. i dnt hhave a ebook.

  20. Can u help me pls??? Diagnosed w/hpv at 24. Now almost 30 and need to rid myself of this virus. I get outbreaks constantly. HELP PLS!!!

  21. Please help me..I really wana cure this thing. I have faith in God that I will be healed. I just need help. please tell me what to do,what foods to eat,anything and everything. I will devote my life to being cured naturally. God bless you. Thankyou

  22. I just found I have HPV and I feel so lonely with no help, I don’t have no idea what should I do, I just really want to get rid of this, I feel dirty 😥

      • I have had hpv for a long time now it’s not going away my boyfriend has it now as well I don’t have a debit card or credit card my emotions are off the roof cause of this I’m not sure how much longer I can keep going

  23. I’m so devastated about everything if you could email me that would be wonderful if don’t have credit or debit please I need help with this

  24. I was diagnosed with CIN 3 in my cervix in 2008. After LEEP, my next pap came back normal. That was in 2008. January 2013, I found a wart near my anus. I went to see a Colorectal Surgeon and I now have warts in my anal passage. At 42, divorced and single after two bad relationships with cheaters, I feel so broken, defeated and dirty. I’ve cried all day and feeling I will never have a normal life again or experience love again. I will download your book and I hope and pray to God, someone finds a cure one day. Thank you for your work and efforts, Zeina!

  25. Thank you Zeina! I actually bought it on Amazon but two copies are better than one! Love your blog zeeluv.com and feeling inspired to fight this and enjoy life again. Knowing I’m not alone really helps! God bless!

  26. hi i am 20 pls help me i need your help.. pls email me.. i wanna cure my self.. im really sad but i know i can get rid of it because of you pls help me.. but i dont have money to dante.. pls email me.. pls.. thank you.. 😦 god bless you..

  27. I was diagnosed with high risk HPV about a month ago. I was told that there is no cure, that it will be necessary to rely on medical care my entire life to make sure I don’t develop cervical cancer. I’m in a relationship, and my boyfriend has not taken the news well. I feel like he blames me, although it was possible he already had the virus. Knowing that you’ve written a book about natural healing is great news to me because I have been searching in vain for information about natural remedies. In fact I feel as if nobody else understands this and going to a doctor I received rather vague information. Thank you being brave enough to write a book about healing yourself so that we can all have a chance at a better future.

  28. Hi.

    i was diagnosed with that at the age of 21 and I was and still freak out from time to time. i feel my life is over and that I am not worthy to be loved the way I deserve too..help me get rid of this horrible virus…I feel dirty with this and I hate that I am keeping this from my boyfriend by not telling him yet…because we just started dating a month ago…I want to get rid of this. I am so grateful for coming across your site and book. I dont have the book yet but TRUST I AM GOING TO ORDER IT SOON !!! Any advice on how and when I should tell mu boyfriend ??? THANK YOU SO MUCH…

    • Hi Mercedes.

      Thank you for writing.

      Do whatever will bring you peace. If it is weighing on you to tell your boyfriend, then tell him. Share with him what you are up to (healthy lifestyle) and ask him to join you on this new adventure.

  29. Hi, I also have HPV, that are genital warts. I’ve had them for like 2 years now. My Dr never said anything about the row of bumps I had on my vagina, so I figured it was nothing. I went in for a check up and just out of curiosity asked her about it and she said oh that HPV. H p what????? I had never heard of HPVbefore. I did reasearch on the net about it, and it really has me depressed. I’ve tried all kinds of medicines, and natural treatment and nothing seems to work. I feel like my life is over. I’m only 32 d I don’t have any kids. Now that I have HPV I feel as though I never will. It seems like it gets worst everyday. Please, please help me get rid of of this horrible virus.

    • Hello Renea…. I am 31, and I have one child. I was just diagnosed earlier this month and it was probably one of the most painful disappointing things I’ve ever been told. I kept thinking “OMG I’M GONNA GET CANCER! OMG I’M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO HAVE ANOTHER CHILD!” I felt like such an idiot and was sooo angry with myself. I’ve come up with a mantra after reading her book. May sound weird but I came up with “God loves me. I am healed and Cured. Amen” I tell myself this every time I get upset. I have the high risk strain and immediately after being diagnosed I did serious research. I hope you respond so we can talk one day. One of my good friends even has it so sweetie, clearly your not alone. 🙂

  30. Please know that you are greatly appreciated. Help me, I have no debt card. I will gladly help anyone who ask , I will pay it forward with you as a role model. Please keep helping all that are in need. Thank you so much,

  31. Beautiful so glad to find someone trying hard to get the solutions to the people. I’m a male and known I’ve had it for more then 3 years and at 21 now it sure will change your life. I’m happier for who I’ve become but will be much happier knowing it’s completely gone. I’ve done lots of research and refuse to see a “doctor” about it. I’ve tried a few holistic approaches but so far not the best results but with your inspiring thoughts about potentially ridding it out of my body completely. I really want to read this book unfortunately I’m also against using plastic and as much as I can paper currency but if there is anyway I could send you a gift of sorts in exchange for a copy that would be awesome thank you for all you’ve done and are doing.

  32. Honestly it can’t be cured, people lie to give you hope. A normal pap doesn’t mean no hpv it means the cells haven’t turned to cancerous cells

    • Hi Rose, thanks for writing. You are right- there is no known “cure” for HPV. But what is known is that cancer cells can’t survive in a healthy alkaline environment. Managing stress and living a healthy lifestyle can keep the virus at bay, or dormant and this is important. I do not claim to have a cure, I am sharing ways to heal the body and the mind – and this is what is helpful in the case of any “virus” or disease. Blessings to you. There are specific foods and herbs that can be taken to help to boost the immmune system so that viruses such as HPV are not a threat to the body. God knows there are thousands of viruses, etc we are all susceptible to. And if your system is weak, then you can be affected by them. Whereas, if you have a strong, healthy system, you have much much higher chances of not being affected by HPV or any other dangerous virus.

  33. I just got this book yesterday and finished it today due to my NOT being able to stop reading it, LOL! The moment I finished reading it all through to the very last recipe was ,”BRAVO!” I could not stop screaming bravo! I told myself when infected that my life was over and how stupid I was. I remember how this nurse told me “It should go away in a year” but all I could think was “A year is such a long time and WHAT IF it doesn’t go away!?” I have completely made up my mind to not allow this disease to dictate my life nor will I allow it to ruin my chances of having anymore children,etc. Zeina you are to be seriously applauded on this books from your tip, exercises, mantras and affirmations, and recipes. So many people NEVER even heard of HPV yet so many people have it! Again I say… BRAVO!!! P.S. If they can cure HIV/AIDS (Yes it was done even though it was done ONCE)…Then surely there is/or will be a cure for it some day. So far the advice in this book is the closest thing to a cure, I’d say!

  34. Hi, I came across your website, doing random google searches for how to heal Lsil hpv, It did make me somewhat better, hearing that someone ACTUALLY healed hpv. I have seen all the bad stories and thought that my immune system will never allow me to heal the virus. Its going on the 3rd year. I am scared of living, dying, and loving my boyfriend intimately. I will try to get your e-book, I really want to know about the foods to help the healing process. Again thank you for your information and your blessings,


  35. I wish I could afford this book in 19 and been dealing with this for 3 years. its so hard on me I just find myself crying all the time.

  36. My 21 year old daughter has had Hpv for over 4 yrs now and it is stage 2. She had a leep done past December and I still am concerned about her

  37. My 21 year old daughter has had Hpv for over 4 yrs now and it is stage 2. She had a leep done past December and I still am concerned about her. I am not able to make a donation at this time.

  38. Hello, I’m a man 34 years old, my doctor told me that I’ve a high risk HPV in anal canal, I’m so scared !! really i don’t know what to do to get rid of this infection

  39. Wow how inspirational. I have just got home after being told I have HPV and I was feeling a little alone. I am a very positive, spiritual person so this has come as a shock to me. I searched for answers on the internet, and I found you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift of giving. In the next couple of days I will order your book once I figure out how!!… I live in Spain and my donation wasn´t accepted with my maestro card… but not to worry, I am sure my boyfriend will order it when I tell him of my wonderful find.



  40. hi , i am only 17 and i have been diagnosed with 2 strains of hpv , i am waiting on my results to see if i have pre-cancerous or even cancerous cells … im glad i stumbled across this site and im looking to fight this

  41. Hi Zeina,

    I’m just trying everything from A to Z hahahaha…well…at least i tried. Hopefully your book will bring me the answers that I need…Just want to know the process.I just made a donation but Im not sure how this works? Will you email the ebook to me? Did you receive my email?


  42. Hello.. Also an HPV positive, although my PAPs are coming normal now, I do concern that I might give it to my partner even if the virus does not give me any symptoms and seems to be dormant. It really feels as I am limiting my sex life, even being in a serious relationship, because there are still issues that have to do with safe sex practices and HPV (e.g. oral sex can lead to oral cancer). Anyways, my issue is whether the virus is transmittable even in a dormant state. And my fear is that this is true, which means I will never be able to enjoy sexual experience free of worries.

    • HI Eliana, thanks for writing. Yes, that is a legit concern. I felt the same way too. Reality is HPV exists and everyone, not just you and I, not have to consider it before having sexual experiences.It may be a good idea to limit sexual experiences to serious partners only. With casual interactions, holding hands and dry-humping only? It’s personal choice… one only you can make. I think you can enjoy your sexual experiences- but true- things have changed- for all of us.. and we must be cautious before entering into sexual experiences. It’ doesnt mean you cant enjoy them. Just means you have to be more cautious and selective of who you engage in. But allow yourself to enjoy, it’s important.

  43. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with HPV about 9 months ago. I’m still as devastated about it as I was the day I was diagnosed 😦 . I have completely shut down my emotions. I avoid relationships at all cost. This virus has ruined me. I’ve tried almost everything and yup still get break outs 😦 . Just like everyone else I feel gross and dirty. I want my life back ! I have no one to talk to about it. No family or friends who I can trust to not judge me.

    • As long as you keep your immunity boosted, you are lowering your chances of repeated outbreaks. A Healthy lifestyle, right nutrition and regular sleep; foods such as tomatoes, garlic, fish and herbs such as ecinecea, Phyllanthus emblica, Hyperisince Mysorense are known to boost immunity. Most plants of the Hypericum family have also been studied to have anti-viral effects. Make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Live clean and strengthen your immune system. Living with HPV is much easier if you have a healthy body. This prevents the warts from recurring and would go away completely from about six months to a year if you keep the good habit up.
      The common treatment for this virus has not been found yet and it is not possible to get rid of the virus completely. The aim of treatment is to improve the immune system of the individual. Curing hpv, also called human papilloma virus or venereal wart, can only be achieved through strengthening the body’s resistant system.

  44. Hi there,

    Just want to say a big thank you to putting in the effort in writing about this topic. I have been dealing with this for 5 years now and trying my best to avoid treatment. It’s been hard to be “good” all the time through diet and exercise and it is only becoming more important to get back into a clean way of living. I have made my donation, can’t wait to receive my email filled with your positive insight to beat this 🙂

    Again, thanks so much!! I wish I found this years ago when I was scared and alone! You are amazing! 😀


  45. I am only 19 n I have been diagnosed of hpv. I am losing interest in life sometimes I even think about disappearing. I stumbled in your website n was wondering how long did it take you to completely get rid of the virus?

  46. Hi ive sent you an alternate email and ive made a donation for the book and i still havent recieved anything for a week.

  47. Hello,
    I am interested in your book but do not have a credit card. Is there any other way that I can donate to get a copy of this book?


  48. Hello, I’m so excited to read this book, but every time I go to make a donation the payment Service will not accept my donation. I’m hooking I can help because I am looking forward to reading this. It gives me hope, and reassurance that I’m not alone.thank you so much

  49. Hello. There, I was diagnosed with cervical dysplashia and hpv around the first of January 2013,. I have been dealing with this for 3 months but I think I had this before I was pregnant as well and never knew about it. I have no stmptoms at the moment but I’m very scared and confused. I feel so alone. I have a one year old and he is my motivation. I’m just really angry at myself because I was not expecting this I’ve only been with one man,which is my fathers son. We both have been having several arguments about this. I hope that this goes away soon .

  50. Holla Zeina…

    Just giving an update of how things are going here…Amazing! Somehow before I got your book I was always focusing on the dis-ease…even though I know Im not supposed to,..the law of attraction, worry is a sin, bad karma..Well it itch so much sometimes you just cant focus! hahahah, and i skipped my meditation cos I cant sit for long hahaha.meditation all those things you said..I was doing it fine before I got it..and life was so wonderful..In fact I was on my spiritual journey for a bout a year now before I got this and it strayed my focus aside. But I do remember praying for a better health this 2013, and I guess it was answered, just i didnt realize till now. Believe me or not but I have my reishi already before I got your book, thanx to prayers, it leads me to good things..but I just keep on focusing on the disease again. So after your book, which I also believe an answered prayer…it got me realigned back…having this is a blessing as Im eating only super food now and started exercising since a month ago..something i would dread to do 3 months and many years before hahaha. Anyway..after shifting my focus and of course the wonderful gratitude and mantras…Ive started to see changes…slowly but surely! the Reishi has kicked in now as its been a month im taking it…so i’ll leave it to the almighty now!thank you thank you thank you…And Im currently reading Bhagavad Gita translation by Paramahansa Yogananda volume ii. I saw the self realization fellowship in your website and was surprised..perhaps we have the same Guru hahahha..anyway…take care my love…have fun and thanx for the reminder!

  51. I have had HPV for a long time. I once had laser surgery to remove them, but they have returned. Now I’m in China and don’t have a credit card. I want to have sex again, but I won’t until this affliction is 100% gone. I don’t want to be responsible for passing them on. Especially if it could lead to cervical or other cancers.
    Is there any way to get the book in China? All I have is a Chinese debit card.

  52. Hi, i am from Rio (Brazil), im 19 years old, im a boy and i got HPV when i was 18, i passed by surgery once and now sometimes i have to use a little of acid to take off this HPV, i was by 3 months with no HPV, but sometimes it cames back, its being terrible to me, i can’t be in a relationship, because everytime that it comes back, if i go to bed with a boyfriend, he may see it and its gonna be the chaos to me… I pray everyday for it, i’ll never lost my faith, but i really dont know what to do! I admire u and i really wanna help people from this! please, i know that God is with me, but i feel so scared, alone… I know that if i have this thing, its bcz God wanna makes me stronger and not to hurt me, please… i just need the cure and a hug!
    i won’t write my name bcz im scared if someone put my name on google and find this… thank u so much! i’ll be back here!

  53. I Had sex with my girlfriend , she is 17 yrs old and i am 22 right now ! i did a wide research on the internet about hpv . I suffered from genital warts,tiny ones more than a year back , and now they have dissapeared !! my worry is that i had sex with her only once, after my warts disappeared ….can she still get hpv ??? or to be more specific ,can she have cervical CANCER ?? She belongs to the indian state of west bengal where people eat fish regularly, whereas shez not very fond of eating fruits and vegetables ! please advice me , can she have an infection ? if yes , can it be cancer ??

  54. Hello. Ive been suferring of this kinda virus and im really scared if i lose someone’s respect and someone i loved so much only because of this uncureable HPV! It’s really hard for me to accept this and i find my self hopeless 😦
    im asking to my self why i have this and where i got this as i know i’ve only one experience sex just one person,my current boyfriend and he’s my first! Urrggh, it’s screwed me up coz why my doctor trying to insist that the infection was comin from me she said i must confess! What the! and my bf’s family also, i think they hated me, they might think im a slut but i know im not and they started judging me indeed coz my bf only got ONE visible wart. What should i do to get rid of this HPV coz it spiritually killin me or worst! Huhu.

  55. Hi, my names Vanessa from the US, I have a drs appointment tomorrow afternoon and a couple weeks ago i was checking things myself and i saw that I had unusual bumps around my labia. I had the gardisal vaccination when i was 16 and at 17 my papsmear came back normal. Im 19 now and the girl ive been seeing i think transferred it to me but she didnt have any symptoms does she have to have symptoms for me to get it from her or would my symptoms be the same as hers? It makes me feel like im a whore and that people judge you but it just takes that one time with the wrong person even if they appear to be clean. Will it work for even though I think I do have warts? Or did your HPV become dormant? my emotions are all over the place ive done countless research and im pretty sure I have HPV I plan to get your book I just pray I can get through it like you did.

  56. Hi my name is Vanessa im 19 I think I have HPV i have a drs appointment tomorrow afternoon to check myself. A month ago i was with this girl we’ve been seeing each other off and on and in the past couple weeks i have noticed these bumbs around my labia they dont hurt and dont itch. I had the Gardisal shot when I was 16, but im pretty sure she gave me warts she didnt have symptoms though which is why i never noticed I dont know what to do other than be stressed out and my emotions have been running crazy. Did you really cure yourself of this virus or did it become dormant again and if it does work can it work even though i may have warts? im sorry Ive got alot of questions and close to a breakdown. I thought this kind of thing only happened to people who sleep around thats being very naive I know but I always thought it would never happen to me and I dont know what to do?

    • HI Vanessa. The truth is most people who are sexually active will encounter HPV at some point. Some will kick it out of their system, some wont. It depends on your immune system and how healthy you are. And the truth is- I really don’t know for sure if I am free of HPV- no one knows that for sure. But I do know that disease doesn’t happen by accident and neither does health. There are foods and herbs you can intake to keep yourself healthy. Health is a lifestyle. Warts can disappear in a couple months if you follow the protocol in my book.

  57. Hi Zeina,
    I don’t know why I haven’t stumbled on this earlier! You have actually just saved my life. Thank you so much for your hopeful messages. Just under a week ago I discovered I have HPV. I’m 19 years old, and I thought for this past week my life was over, but because of you now I know that I can cure myself of this which is what I’m reaaallllly hoping to do. The number one thing that is a worry for me is: Will I be able to settle down and make babies. It is crucial for me that I clear up my HPV, but you know…. I think like you said, this is a gift from God and a message from God, to clear up my life. I could write a novel about the times I’ve made the wrong decision and had a negative view towards the life I live and the person I am. But now I am a new woman, and I want to try my best to clean up my whole life, along with of course, the HPV that I carry. I just ordered your book and I cannot wait to read it! I’m hoping we can e-mail each other, so I can get more answers from you. Thank you so much, and God bless you ❤

  58. Your book is great and I am so grateful I found it and that you even put it out there thank you so much it has brighted up my life when all I could see was dark. And I’ve started cleaning up my body and making healthier choice’s for my life but I was wondering if I could email you a question ?

  59. I am 26 and was diagnosed with hpv this summer. When i first got the news i was completely devastated knowing that hpv can lead to cervical cancer. I still worry alot on how this is going to affect my life and how its can be transmitted so easily. You are such an inspiration. Your strength gives me hope for the future. Its still scarry but knowing that im not the only one going through this helps alot. I dont have a credit card so is there anyway i can send you money for your book? God bless xo

  60. Hi Zeina,
    I am 34 years old and have two kids.I was diagnosed HPV high risk three yeas ago. Pls help me kick out HPV from my body. Thank you so much! God bless you.

  61. I just left the doctor’s office to be told I have HPV. I’m 21. I have so much more life to live but I don’t know if I can do it with this kind of burden. This past year I have been trying to make permanent changes in my life. I stopped dating or trying to date and became abstinent and returned to my once strong spritual faith. Why when I’m trying to do right am I hit with this??? I’ve been crying for the past two hrs. I feel that I will forever be alone now… Who can I tell? Who can I talk to w/o being looked at differently or judged?? I can’t tell anyone… I’m ashamed… How am I suppose to make it day to day? This should be the happiest time of my life… Or so I was told…. I guess I somehow deserve this?? 😦 people always tel me how strong I am but now I just feel weak.. How can I even begin to find strength in something like this when you can’t even ease your mind?

    • Oh, I so feel you girl. Please know this: HPV does NOT define you as a person! It is simply a virus. People get viruses from the air we breathe … we simply have a stigma around sexuality and feel shame about HPV because it is transmitted sexually.

      Check your email!

  62. My daughter has hpv and had cin 3 for which she had treatment. Follow up 6 months later shows she still has hpv and cin 1. She also now has abnormal vaginal cells and awaiting biopsy results. Confused, worried and feeling helpless.

    • Hi – i’m so sorry to hear about how you are feeling. I know this must be a difficult time both for you and her. Has she read my book yet?

      • Wanted to read into it a little. Are there any success stories who have used your book. No reviews on amazon.

      • I released the book exactly one year ago- and I have started to receive success stories of people who have cleared their warts and gotten normal results back from their doctor, yay! I also know of many people who have done similar things I did and who have cleared it. I don’t have “the cure”, it’s common knowledge/

  63. Hi! your help is much appreciated, God bless you! I have recently been diagnosed with HPV and I am freaking out… I am not so much worried about myself but about my boyfriend, because I believe I was the one passing on the virus, not the other way around. What if something bad happens to him? 😦 I will feel guilty all my life. I want to get rid of this… and also help him do it. I will try to buy your book… All the best to you!

  64. While waiting for my friend in the car after finding out I had hpv… I was researching the Internet about curing yourself of hpv… While sitting in the waiting room I had similar thoughts to yours… I have been so distant from my spiritual self lately & my ego knows this… But I thought to myself maybe this is just a sign from the universe, That i need to heal my mind body & soul, & continue that… So finding out that there are methods & ways that work and that it is possible gives me hope. Watching you’re video made me cry, and so happy that you’ve been blessed with this knowledge & outlook on life to share with people. Payday is coming. Can’t wait to get your book!
    Much love

  65. Hi, i have had a papilloma for about a year and a half now. My first surgery June of 2012. My next surgery is schedule the end of Apr. I am a new patient to this HPV. I am also a male, and do not know where this virus came from. It is growing on my vocal chords and I am 37 yrs old. I have left a donation and ordered the ebook. I hope this is my guide to my new life of being HPV free. If anyone could give me advise on how to cure this, please email me at 1963roc@gmail.com

    • Hi Rodney!

      I wish you all the best!! Stay positive, believe in God, have a healthy lifestyle and you will be fine!

      I want to ask you what HPV strain are you suffering from. Is it high risk or low risk?

      Take care!

      • I don’t really know the strain of my HPV. I will ask my doctor on next visit. I recently had laser surgery, and recovering is coming along slowly but great. I went for my checkup today and my doctor told me to come back in 4 mon. It their another way we can determine the strain of my HPV other thn waiting 4 months on my next visit.

  66. Hi I just wanted to say thank you for everything your doing im very deeply touched by it all, it means so much to me I cant describe, I really wish someone did something like this earlier like when I was 17, remembering all those feelings I felt back then just makes me very sad I was in a very bad relationship and I felt like I was stuck with him because of the virus, he was abusive and I put up with it all because I felt like I deserved it because I just felt so dirty and i tought he was the only person I felt I could relate to because we both had the HPV,at the time I did my research, but I still felt so bad I didn’t have nobody to talk to about it I still don’t feel comfortable telling anyone about the virus, for 6 years I had regular Pap smears and i tought it was over i had gotten rid of the disease, and now I’m 23 and I got another pap smear and all these fears that I felt before just returned I have that same feeling of hopelessness and just been crying all day since I got the news just wondering if it cancerous this time because before I had the warts this time I dont and I was so scared and depressed 30 mins ago, its 1:33am and I couldn’t sleep but after seeing your videos on utube and reading comments, i just feel so much better I know I will get through this and im not alone.. I cant wait to read your book 🙂 THANKS AGAIN

  67. I made a donation but not sure how to acquire the ebook? Can I get this emailed to me?

    Thank you so much I’m excited to start reading!

  68. I just found out my husband of 13 years has betrayed me and given me HPV. I’m very scared and feel alone in all of this. How do I go about getting the eBook?
    Thank you for everything you do!

  69. I would love to have your ebook I have been struggling with this since age 17 I am 35 now and it has just came back I am ready to do what it takes to get My self healthy.. if you will send an adress I will mail a money order donation…thank you so much..

  70. Hi I was formally diagnosed with HPV yesterday. I have had suspicions for months now and it has completely depressed me. I am a 20 year old college student and feel like I have been turned into a 30 year old from this disease. I feel dirty down there and this STD is on my mind 24/7. I have a long term boyfriend who I am so afraid to tell. I am afraid he will leave me. I am also afraid to go to my regular doctors for pap smears now because my parents can never know. I was diagnosed in a family planning clinic and treated for the visible warts with the acidic treatment. My most intimate and private areas have become invaded with this disease…I want to love myself again. I want to love my female parts again that God gave me! I want to have a baby and not worry about all of this! I want to heal and stop feeling so ashamed and so alone 😦

  71. Right now, I’m waiting on results. It’s possible that I have oral hpv– I had a strange piece of skin on my soft palate and uvula. I haven’t been with anyone for over 4 1/4 years, I’m in my early twenties, and a big part of me feels as though life has ended. I feel helpless and hopeless, but finding you on YouTube and this site is the closest thing I have to feeling slightly better at the moment. I just can’t understand how I got it, especially orally. I mean, I can, but it’s supposed to be rare. I’m a complete mess right now, a college student, and I haven’t been able to get out of bed for the last 2 days. I know it’s going to come back positive for hpv, because the doctors seemed pretty sure that that’s what it was. I just feel like my life, which already wasn’t normal, is just going to continue to be hard- even though I’ve been trying to do everything right to have a good life: going to school, working hard, working on my body and mind… I feel like I’m being punished. I plan on buying your e-book eventually– and am hopeful that maybe I can be as positive as you are, someday.

    • Hi Elle
      Just confirmed a week ago that I have HPV. I have been reading all the comments and I really wanted to know what happened to you? What is the treatment for oral warts and how are you doing?

      • I just emailed you. I am doing fabulous. There are various treatments for the warts- the one I detail in the book uses whole foods and herbs and supplements. But the most important thing is to change your lifestyle so you can shift the root of the virus and not only treat the symptoms.

  72. I just want to start by saying your awesome!! I have had this since 2009 and sadly my body was not able to fight the virus. I am now 23 and I have struggled with this for a while now. I believe in the natural healing of the body through herbs & vitamins. Your an inspriational to all women around the world living with this. I believe that the medical industry is all about money and offer no help in helping people get rid of this because then they will lose funds.

  73. HI Z, Im 35 yo male I contracted HPV 8 years ago from a girl who had it since 16 I intended to marry her. She choose a life of drugs and alcohol which destroyed our relationship. I have been alone suffering from warts ever since. This virus has pushed my life into a downward spiral of depression, isolation, and serious suicidal tendencies. I have searched everywhere finding little hope. I recently started a journey like yours…trying to use a clean and healthy lifestyle and spirituality “GOD” to heal my body and hopefully living again, and with a little luck maybe I can find a wife/woman to share my life I saw your ad sometime ago and stumbled upon it once more…I want to ask u to send it to my email …I want to apply your methods…I also want you to know that you are a great person for trying to reach out and help others, what a beautiful soul you are….And you are an absolutely HOTT!!

  74. Hello, I want to say I felt just like you! And I still feeling like shit, becouse the HPV is still here,its awfull…Im planning to read your book and make my progress to health! I have just one, strange, question, but important…Im a marihuana user.How that affect HPV, or immune system! Its the only thing I dint rid off when I found that I have HPV , It have helped me to overcome depression and all that. But Im ready to give up smoking pot if it is neccesary! please, If you know, or anyone, the answer, please tell me!
    Afraid girl from Serbia

    • In my experience, weed amplifies what you are feeling already. So if you are depressed, it will take you down that hole even more. It also covers up your emotions while you are high but when the high comes down, the emotions are still there but they are magnified more and more.

      Also, I stopped smoking weed because of the smoking part. I felt it was going against the healing process. For a few months, I bought a vaporizer and used that instead. Eventually, I stopped altogether because I wanted to clear the fog around my head, and now I feel alot more clear.

      I love the marijuana herb. I really do. I believe it can be used for medicine and it is a great herb. But it’s not something I would recomment while you are healing. It does not serve, in my opinion.

  75. I can’t download this or buy the book right now, is there any other way you could share how to actually get rid of it with me. I’m dying to know!

      • I was diagnosed with hpv about 2 months ago. At the same visit to my gyn I fouind out that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome, abnormal shapped cervix, an 8 inch cyst on my right ovary and that I would have to have surgery or diee… it was one heck of a week for me. I have healed mostly from the surgery now but right after the surgery my immune system was down, healing the surgery and my severe eczema which I was diagnosed with a week prior to the hpv. I had an hpv breakout. It was horrible. I had just got in a relationship too. I went to my dr and she gave me some cream. It burns. I am still having difficulties with the hpv now. Seems like I just can’t get rid of it. I feel absolutly disgusting and unattractive. I almost hate myself for this. I told my bf about it with the anticipation that he was going to leave me. He didn’t thank god and were still together and happier then ever. We do have sex, at his disgression of course. Is that safe? I also read opnline that it can be passed to children just by touch. Is that true? I have so many question… I haven’t slept more then 4 hours a night since the breakout and I’m exausted. Please help me. I don’t ave a debit card or computer. All I have is my phone. Do u have any advice or suggestions? Thanks!

      • I found out I had hpv 3 years ago and I had one outbreak when i was pregnant.I don’t have insurance so getting a pap is not easy for me. I eat fruits and vegetables to help. I’m always on the Internet looking for remedies. I need help. Please

  76. Im freakin out… i feel like i can never be normal again. i can never have another baby… or im scard to give it to my new partner. he doesnt know i have it and wants to have oral sex but i fear not to because i dont wanna give it to him. im confused and lost. im angery. i wanna lash out. i dk where to run. i dk what to feel. i feel numb inside. i just found out today i got it, how do i start? im palnnin on buying your book without a doubt but is there any remedy that i can use for now? i feel lost. dk the first step to take. my pap smear came out normal but i have lil painless sores around my vagina… i know it isnt an infection. what do i do??

    • Diana, it’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Relax about it ( I know it’s easier said than done) – but it’s important cause viruses love stress. And read the book!

  77. I have this and have for the past 3 years, well 42 months to be exact although doctor said I may have had it much longer without knowing. I am disabled and wheelchair bound and have tried Echinacea and garlic plus tea tree oil as this is what I was advised but it failed to work. please, please let me know how I can eradicate my body of this

  78. I was just diagnosed with LSIL; and they suspect HPV. At 35, I’m feeling pretty hurt by it all. Not wanting to pause my life for longer than a few minutes to sulk, I bought your book and read it tonight. I want to be that success story more than you know; because ironically, my career depends on my health, and HPV is a disqualifying diagnosis in my career field. It’s true; and discouraging because I’ve had normal paps my entire life until the last 2 years. My colpo is tomorrow; send white light, healing and positive energy, and may the universe allow me to be the example of fighting a good fight naturopathically!

      • Hello All! Just checking in- I had a colpo and biopsies taken 20 May, 2013- Which still showed LSIL into the deeper tissues (good that it wasn’t HSIL)-I had cryotherapy today, and it was painless. Studies show that LSIL with the use of cryotherapy to decrease lesion size has had 80-90% success rate in clearing the presence of HPV in women over the age of 30. So, I highly recommend this route- the risks are far less than cervical cancer, and less discomfort than the LEEP. These statistics cannot be supported unless individuals continue with 6 month paps and screening. For me, that’s never an issue- for others, according to the facility I go to, they no show after the colpo, and HSIL becomes their likely future if over the age of 30. Let’s not forget that cancer doesn’t particularly care for specific ages, and although HPV is a pain, cancer is worse in my humble medical opinion. I’ll continue to check in as my lifestyle modifies with my supplements and healthier regime- but more importantly, after the next diagnostic proof.
        thanks for the support, and I’m here to support you all with my POSITIVE story thus far:-)

  79. Hi my name is Lupe I was diagnosed HPV like a month ago! I have cried for days:( there’s days where their good because I think of how this is not the worst thing that person can have but then there’s days when I feel depressed and I feel like my life is over! Will I ever feel normal again? I have my beautiful children that I have to be strong and healthy for and I feel like this will get in the way of what I am trying to strive for! I’m going out of my mind praying asking for this to go away but I know it won’t, please help!:(

  80. Hi my name is Lupe I was diagnosed HPV like a month ago! I have cried for days:( there’s days where their good because I think of how this is not the worst thing that person can have but then there’s days when I feel depressed and I feel like my life is over! Will I ever feel normal again? I have my beautiful children that I have to be strong and healthy for and I feel like this will get in the way of what I am trying to strive for! I’m going out of my mind praying asking for this to go away but I know it won’t, please help!:( sorry had to post again I wanted to get notification of any response!:)

  81. I really appreciate this… My mother has had cervical cancer, this is the third time.. Last year I met my wonderful fiance and at the same time had a yearly… my pap came by abnormal so I had another… him freaking out that I was dying… ha! I had another six months later, again abnormal… I changed Dr’s for a second opinion and again had another abnormal pap and they found a lip on one of the lips of my vagina (not knowing what it is) and a clump of irregular cells… I am going in for two biopsies in the next few weeks… because they are not sure what is going on down there but my Dr. believes I may have early signs of cervical cancer or absolutely nothing… it could be a cyst or skin tag and just a clump of irregular cell growth that is not cancerous… it is scary and to be only 24 and have to deal with this is very difficult.., I called my fiance bawling when I found out I needed the biopsies… I felt dirty and so aware of my vagina… I have had less than a handful of sexual partner’s and wore condoms with all of them except my fiance, I am on birth control… I felt so disgusted… but I found out a few of my friends have it, different stains and my amazing boss… she’s an amazing woman.. my fiance has been nothing but great… he tells me he doesn’t think I am dirty and that I could have even gotten it from him and he not known he had it… Thank you so much for your support and your page… you made me feel so much better…

  82. Hi,
    I was diagnosed by HPV almost 3 years back. I did everything for it to go. Still this years my pap test it due. I just got a thought. Does my 5 year old daughter can get this from me bye sleeping with her or playing with her or touching her. I am just got scared. Can u answer me this please? Or else I should stop touching her and hugging her.

  83. the video i watched made me cry because of the love you show. If i live longer because of your information i will use every min hour or second for positivity. I wanna make people happy now, instead of trying without luck to make myself happy.

  84. I do not have a paypal account or any source of income. I am 17 and from India and have anal warts. I feel so devastated about this. Almost suicidal sometimes. I don’t know how to get rid of it 😦
    and I can’t tell my poor mom which further devastates me.

  85. I’ve been battling HPV genital warts for more than a year now. I hope you can share that information with me, I really wanted to end this nightmare. It scares me a lot that if people would find out they would get disgusted and leave me. I wish I could cure this 😦

  86. Hi Zeina, I just read about your blog last night and posted a comment but as I’ve checked now, it’s no longer here 😦

    I’m in battle with HPV genital warts for more than a year now and I’m afraid that if people would know they would be disgusted and keep away from me. I hope you can share the method that you have in preventing and curing this HPV 😦 It’s very depressing to have this condition.

    Appreciate your kind help…

  87. Hi, my name is Krystal and I was diagnosed with hpv two months ago. I have been seeing someone for about six months and our relationship is beginning to get serious. He always says how he gives me love spiritually and emotionally, but now he was to give it to me sexually. I am so afraid to do so because of the virus. I do not want him to contract it, I am so serious about it that I haven’t even allow him to kiss me out of fear, Please help me!!

  88. Your site gives me hope. I sent an email to you today that I saw you posted for people with questions. I’m scared/nervous. I’d love to get some advice. I do not own/have a debit card. There must be something I can do! Please talk to me.

  89. Well….I’m 16 An Great Athlete Have a Good Road Ahead Of Me Already Have Colleges Looking At Me For Basketball…I’m Happy About it But,iWent To The Doctor And Found Out I Have Hpv.I’m Hurting Deep Down inside Cry Cuz,I Know I’m Effected Having A Bf For 9 Months But,Scared To Tell Him .I Need Help My Life Is Falling Apart At A Young Age!…:( Can You Help Me?

  90. Very inspirational! It gives me hope that I can overcome this embarrassing virus. I have donated money, but still haven’t received the ebook. Is there another way I can get it? Thanks and God bless.

  91. Wow, I just found your page. I got diagnosed last week and have done nothing but cry since then. I’m single and feel like nobody will ever want me now I have this. I have to go for s colposcopy on Wednesday and I’m terrified. How do I get your book,? Thank you for all the effort that you’ve clearly put into helping others.

  92. Hi Zee, I would like to have your e-book but I do not own a credit card.
    Is it possible to make a bank transfer?
    P.s. what safe website do you recommend for purchasing betta-manan?
    Thank you very much!
    Love, x

  93. Zeina,

    Hi I found your site and was over whelmed with great joy. I was diagnosed with HPV (cancer type) when I was 18 years old a few years back:) At that time the HPV virus was new and they didn’t know a lot so they did laser surgery and the virus went away or so I thought. I had my son when I was 26 and shortly there after my HPV virus came back. I have been battling pap after pap and biopsy after biopsy for 5 years now. I am currently 35. I recently got married to a wonderful man and I was told by my doctor and gynecologist that he didn’t need to worry. Well a few weeks ago after another biopsy I found out I have sever cell dysplasia of the cervix and I need to go in on Tuesday for a LEEP procedure where the cut out a larger piece to check and see if I have cancer. I have been depressed and scared and searching many websites for answers. I just recently read that not only can you get cervix cancer but anal, oral (throat and head), vulva and vaginal cancer as well from the HPV virus if your immune system doesn’t fight it which mine is obviously not doing. I also read that your partner can and most likely will get the HPV virus from you and as men they too can contract anal, penis and oral cancer if there bodies do not get rid of it. So needless to say right now not only am I scared of my own outcome but the outcome of my husband. I have many questions to ask my doctor and hope I can find some good answers. I am looking forward to reading your book which I will order and I hope to be able to change my life to save not only myself but my husband so we can live a HPV free way. Thank you for writing your story and giving hope where hope is rarely found.


  94. Hi,
    I’ve had hpv for years, as a male the doctors misdiagnosed it- I have no idea how I caught it… the remedies they gave made it worse, some home remedies did work but now they don’t, and it’s starting to have an impact with depression, as well as being unemployed.. please could you email me a copy of your book and I’ll make a donation when I find a job? My hpv is now getting worse every day..
    Thank you, your story has given me a little bit of hope…

  95. I am so sick of this disease I have had for 2 years now its really ruined my life but I don’t have my own credit card or debit card to make a donation for the ebook 😦 I have tried everything anyone got any pointers please one stubborn wart

  96. I concerned about infecting the person I’m now in love with. We have not been sexually active together yet, and now I feel horrible. My chance at love, but I love her enough not to go forward with sex now. My biggest fear is infecting her with HPV, which can lead to cancer. The doctors and websites tell me there is no cure. HPV is hell.

    Interesting how none of your so-called ‘free’ ebook links work, but your pay links work just great. What a shame, the personal people make up just to make money. I give up.

      • Hi Zeina,
        I can’t thank you enough (although I will add a donation) for having the wisdom and compassion to help everyone here. You are wonderful. What a great, life-changing ebook, I can tell.

  97. i didn’t realize that hpv was such a problem, or something that was so “dirty”. ive had it for 6 years. Ive had 3 colposcopies and one leep procedure. im about to have my 4th colposcopy, the first after my leep. i was never really worried about it until now, and reading all these comments did not help. i know its technically an std, but never thought of it as a big deal, the way i view herpes. i am starting to worry about cancer though. my body can’t seem to kick the virus. i havent been living a healthy life, and i think i should start now. i never worried about giving this virus to guys, because they are just carriers. I have never even felt the need to tell them i have it. is that bad? hpv is so common…its like the common cold of the vagina.

  98. Hi, how are you, how do I get a copy of this book, I have been battling to clear hpv for yrs, pls me, thanks a lot, regards

  99. Thank you Zeina! I have read your book a few times now. I’m not sure if I will ever be free from this affliction (hpv), but at the very least I have quit smoking, drinking, and eating badly. I have lost 15 lbs, and feel much better. Still working on the mental part of things, as I have recently lost my girlfriend, and can’t stop crying these days.

    Oh well, at least there is hope. Thanks again!

  100. Hello,
    I was diagnosed with HPV last year and I am in my very early 20s. My boyfriend at the time did not know he had it and passed it on to me. He has no symptoms though and I do, I have extremely itchy warts and I don’t know what to do to stop the itching. Nothing seems to help. What is your advice? Also, is it that HPV instantly goes away or you just have a normal pap smear? Because my pap smear is normal but I still have hpv. I also get what looks like a rash and papercuts on my vagina, do any of you experience this? My doctor has no explanation for it and I feel so embarrassed. Now I feel like not even dating anymore because I rather avoid the shame of telling my partner and having the risk of passing it on. But I am so young and sad and feel very lonely and I wish I could talk to someone about this. My self-esteem has trickled down

    • I understand how you feel. I would recommend a few things: stop smoking/drinking right away if you do either of those. Manage your stress with yoga and meditation. Those are basic steps. I really recommend you read my book ASAP also.

  101. pls help me ,i’d love to get some advice.I was diagnosed last Dec 2012. The doctor tell me there is no cure for hpv….help me pls.

    • Hi, yes there is no known “cure” for HPV- but there are ways to prevent, reverse it and keep your body healthy so it does not impact you. I recommend you read my book ASAP. Let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help.

  102. Hi I just got a letter in the mail saying my Pap smear came back abnormal and I have a login to check my results my doctor didn’t mention anything about it on the phone but there was a comment left about high risks hpv being present I’m am so freaked out I’m not really sleeping I’ve been on the Internet all day yesterday and today I’m so worried. Is it possible to have a false positive. I’m scheduled next month for a colposcopy. What should I do?????

  103. Hi Zeina I emailed you last night with some questions. Can you please email me back? So glad I found your website. I feel like you’re my only hope. I look forward to hearing from you.

  104. I tried to make a donation, but it didn’t work. I really want to get better, and want to read your book to help me.

  105. Hello last year march 13,2012 i have my brain Aneurysm surgery and now I was diagnosed with hpv and i have cone biopsy yesterday, now I don’t know what next? I would like to have your E book how to get that book…I’m so hopeless now..

  106. Hi zeina thank you for sharing your experience! i have read your book and i am already practicing some of your tips, but still have a doubt. I am 32 years old, and was diagnosed with HPV 6 years ago. After the diagnose i did my chek up every 3 month, which would always come back positive, but never dramatic, till last year that the result came back indicating that a have CIN 3 and precancer cells in my cervix canal. i went to see a surgeon and he recommended to do the cone, which i refused. After that i started to look into a natural way of healing the hpv and that’s when i found your book. I am married and have 2 kids, my husband believes in power of healing myself, but he does nothing for him self about that, he believes the problem is only mine.. and here comes my question: if i have the virus he’s got it too right? if i get rid of it can he give it to me again? we are almost not having sex for the las two month and all this is affecting our energies. What could he do to get rid of it? how could we be sure that is gone?
    Thank you very much!

  107. Hi Zee,

    What an inspiration you are : I have emailed you my story. Yes I am yet another sister embarking on this HPV adventure (I like your terms, they are positive). I hope to soon come back on this site and tell everyone that I am HPV16 (that is my strain) free!

    I am emotional, and there are days I feel lost, I have just about no one to talk to about this, although I have told people who are closest to me, I felt as if no one fully understood until The Creator led me to this page. I can not accuse anyone of infecting me, as I myself did not know I had it till just this last Monday.

    I look forward to reading your book, and following in your footsteps.

    Here is to a great adventure, on redefining myself, loving myself, and putting myself first in all I do.


    Empress Grace.

  108. Thank you for your service to women everywhere. My name is Natalie and I was diagnosed with HPV in 2007, at the age of 21. At the time, doctors didn’t (and still don’t) know everything about how this virus behaves. In any case, I was so deeply ashamed of HPV that I thought my life was over. I convinced myself that I would never meet anyone who would accept me if they knew my ‘secret.’ At this time, I was unaware of 1. How common HPV actually is, and 2. That my abnormal pap smears could eventually clear up if I took good care of myself. Well, I was so depressed that I began having severe anxiety and convinced myself that I was doomed.

    Six years later, my pap smears are still abnormal. I have had 2 cervical biopsies (colposcopies) but I have had a couple of normal paps here and there.

    But there’s good news, too. I am also happily married to a wonderful man, and even if I need more advanced surgery in the future to remove abnormal cells, we will still probably be able to have normal, healthy children in the future. The mistake I made when I was diagnosed was that I was too ashamed to try to get counseling or seek help from others in order to cope. When I began talking to other women about HPV, I learned that so many women I knew had been affected.

    I also suggest the book called “I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t)” by Brene Brown. It discusses women’s experiences in regard to shame. It really helped me heal emotionally.

    I wish everyone on this site healing and peace. Remember, SO MANY PEOPLE have HPV and never know it. We can take charge of our health and our lives, and gain a deeper appreciation for our health and our futures.

  109. Great book I love it!!, ive been doing everything on the book and I feel better then ever, the organic food and yoga are a must in my life now and I feel healthy and good all over inside and out ive only been doing this 2 months now and I can really say im glad I was diagnosed with hpv its changed my life and having fun at the same time ( I even lost a few pounds lol)

  110. My name is Chelsea Sigler

    I am 20 years old. I just found out today at 4:36 pm, that I have HPV. The doctor said that I do not have the genital warts. However i do have the virus. I am so scared that i wont be able to have a family in the future, or that I’ll get cervical cancer. I was so nervous to tell my mom and my boyfriend…i mean i have an STD!!! I never ever thought this would happen to me. I have never been seriously sick in my life. i don’t know what to do!! I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and my last pap was normal but we had been sexually active at the time. I plan on marrying my current boyfriend. Does it mean that he gave it to me? should i be upset at HIM? Will we even be able to have sex anymore? I just feel disgusting and dirty now I am really really confused on how this could’ve happened… could it be a false positive? Please someone help me…that’s all i ask is for some advice and encouragement.

    Thank you,

    Chelsea Sigler

    • Hey there! Don’t feel upset or think like that! I did plenty of research. It eventually goes away on it’s own. I had the kind with warts. And after my treatment it’s been 7months and none have come back. Most people have HPV and never show symptoma. As far as sex goes. My then boyfriend, now husband, when I told him I could have given it to him. He wasn’t mad. And we continued having sex, and he hasn’t told me of any symptoms. I think once a person gets it, there is no way to make it worse by keep having sex with same person. You’ll always have the virus in you even if it goes away.

      So my husband and I still have sex. We’re definitely not going to be spreading it to anyone if we still have the virus active.

  111. Hello. I would like to purchase your book. The comments from the readers are very aspiring but unfortunately I m not able to purchase because my country is not listed in the option. Can you advise? Looking forward to hearing from you.

  112. I feel lost and scared abt my biopsy I had done 2 days ago and was told I had hpv I cry everyday:/… I juss feel lime everthings over

  113. I really do not know when I exactly got HPV. Almost 2 years ago I slept with this girl I was dating, I really had no idea. 23, and been with 2 women so far in life, cause I was deeply in love. It’s really frustrating now for me, since it’s effecting my studies, career, social life and most importantly love life. I feel like the loneliest person in this world, and I feel like I am cursed and can never find love. I always wanted to be with just one girl, am not a person who got this disease for sleeping with dozens of random women.

    I had to give up on 2 girls in the past 2 years, and now I am seeing someone and I am really attracted to her, and I am on verge of losing her too…

    I am personally a very shy guy, and I find it extremely uncomfortable going to the doctor for a surgery or sharing this info with anyone. I would do anything to get this virus off me, I don’t want to lose this person.

    I have had few visible warts, but they spread a lot in almost 2 years, and I see no sign of improvement.

    What should I do????? Do I still have hopes? Can I ever get intimate with a person again?

    I also want to know is this book helpful to male victims too?

    Please respond!!

    And I want to donate and get the book please! I will pay my share, please note am a 23 year old student. Is there anyway to donate by debit card? (Canadian) I can Interac e-Transfer on email.

  114. I’ve just found this site, I hope the book is still available. I just found out I caught it off my partner and I am very unsure what to do, but I defiantly want a natural cure that will rid it and not have to go down the scrapings route.

  115. Thank you so much for your book! I am just over half way through and love the way it’s written because it’s an easy read and keeps my attention. I just have a question regarding alcohol. I am pretty much a teetotaler and always forego drinking however I cook with alcohol when I make things like saffron risotto or stewed cabbage. Can I still cook with alcohol or not? Thanks again. Xo

    • I would cut the alcohol out for a couple months. After that… everything in moderation. Though alcohol is very poisonous to the liver and the liver is an important part of maintaining the body’s healing ability.

  116. Hi I was just diagnosed with hpv and to add to matters I have an auto immune disorder where I do remicade treatments to lower my immune system. If I don’t have the treatments I can’t walk or even get out of bed. I’m so scared and all I want to do is cry… Please help

  117. Help just dx with hpv to make matters worse I have an autoimmune disorder and have to take medication that lowers my immune system or I can’t walk or get out of bed. They actually think that the medicine may have trigger that I was born with. Pls help all I want to do is cry.

  118. Too bad I am young and broke finding out you have h.p.v it feels……and knowing you wrote a boke I cant afford 😦 where do I start….

  119. I have just donated, and will now sit back and wait for the e-book to come through. I was diagnosed two days ago, and I have been a complete mess since…I have read a lot more about the virus over these past two days but it doesn’t make it any easier. I am 25 years old, and I am feeling completely lost and at a bit of a stand still 😦

  120. How can I get a copy of this book? I’ve had it for almost 13 years. I’ve had a lot of stress and depression issues do to this. It’s taken a toll of my life andbody. I would love the help

  121. I am 45 years old, I was a virgin when I married my husband, I was 32 years old. I have always had normal pap’s. I just found out that I have HPV. Reading your description of how you got into your car and cried is exactly what I did. I had no idea what HPV was. When I realized it was a sexually transmitted disease I began wondering, did my husband cheat? No, he would never he loves me, I have always felt secure in our marriage and commitment to each other. Then I began thinking, is he going to think I cheated??? The nausea sat in my throat like a lump of coal. I have some amazing woman in my life and I am afraid to talk to them about it. For all I know each of them could have it. I am healthy, I have never smoked, never had children so why now? I just made a donation to receive your book. For me right now I feel totally helpless, naïve and damaged. I have done nothing but obsess about this since I received the news. I have no idea what kind I have. All I have is lots and lots of questions. I have a week until my Colposcopy appointment. I did make an appointment with my Primary Care doctor before then just hoping she can answer my questions.

  122. I am only 22 and have been diagnosed with HPV for over 4 years now.I suffer from anxiety which does not help the process especially every time I have to go get a pap every 6 months. I try so hard to stay positive every time but it seems to just be a let down. As the years are progressing I’m just getting more and more scared why its not going away 😦 I’m really hoping I can read your book its so nice to hear someone’s positive story

  123. Hello,

    I was diagnosed with HPV exactly a year ago (May 2013) and my gyno told me that I had very little abnormal cells, no warts. She also told me to come back in one year for another pap.
    I don’t smoke, I seldom drink alcohol ever since I found out, I eat healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables), exercise as much as I can (gym, running, bike riding) and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins. I am hopeful that my HPV has cleared… however, it never hurts to do more research about it and find out how other people got rid of it. I made a donation. Can’t wait to read it.

  124. i have recently been told i have genital warts ,i have jus started a new relationship and have told my partner who is not happy and wants time to think things over ,u say stress doesnt help and can make warts worse ,im a smoker and think the stress of stoppin smokin cud make things worse …..i keep feelin like i have the flu is there a reason for this …and reading some statements here that the warts are sore and itchy ….i havent had anything like that …am havin a smear test soon then await what that tells me …..

  125. I made a donation a couple of days ago but still haven’t received the ebook. I was just diagnosed last week and I am so scared and confused. I don’t know what to do. Thanks!

  126. Hello,
    I had an abnormal pap this past year and 2 colopos, high risk hpv type 18, high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, severe dysplasia (CIN 3) with glandular extension
    the endocervix has no changes, so good
    my doctor offered a cone, honestly Im terrified and if there is any way to heal without surgery I would love to but also know its a risk, she said it is not cancer
    I have 6 children to care for and a very dependent special daughter, have others healed without the cone and LEEP treatments or would the treatment still be performed and then heal after the fact? Thank you

  127. I just found out that I tested positive for hpv I am very depressed worried and don’t know what to do or who to turn to I have a kid that’s 8 years old did I infect him what to do the dr want to do a test don’t know what to expect I was got married when I was 18 he cheated on me all the time left him got with the one I am with now and have a kid just found out Friday that I have this so confused and the dr said as soon as they have a spot open I will have a apt don’t know how long I will have to wait I told my husband and he said don’t worry we will get through this don’t know how we have been trying to have another baby and it feels like all my dreams of a bigger family is over so scared sorry

  128. Hi, I did the test to check myself before I went to travel around the world and the test turned up saying that I have hpv 18. This was over 1.5 yrs ago, Pap tests were and are normal. I am currently pregnant with my beloved one and expecting our first child. The last yest was done 6 months ago and was normal. I am so scared that my baby will get it or my next test will go abnormal. How should I prevent it? Any help pls?

  129. Please help me I don’t have credit card or anything but I would really like to send u cash some how I need help pleas I have hpv

  130. Dear Zeina,
    I’m happy to have stumbled upon your site. It’s such a receive to know there’s a natural way of healing from this horrific disease.
    I’m unable at the moment to transfer a donation but I would really love to read your book as I’ve been struggling getting my health back and becoming hpv-free. Im desperate! I hope you can help me out. I will in the future transfer a donation to you. Many thanks,


    • the book will help anyone. it gves you a new way to view this and shares one person’s protocol for reversing the symptoms naturally. It’s really helpful.

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