About the author

IMG_5271Zayna de Gaia; life coach + author + speaker + teacher of teachers. She’s passionate about yoga, meditation, empowering people to live their best life and the ongoing orgasms of being ALIVE!

Helping others discover their true voice + unleash their leadership and live their true life purpose is what ignites her fire!

She sees coaching and teaching as vehicles for reflecting back at people their own light and creativity so they can show up in the world confident, authentic and fully self-expressed- all with the big picture intention of transforming the world, one soul at a time.

Zayna de Gaia is a quirky, enthusiastic lover of life and the host of her own podcast show: ZNation. She shares openly about her experiences and adventures as a light worker in a world that is rapidly changing. ZNation welcomes many inspiring guests who will leave you thinking “The world IS changing. There ARE people doing great things in the world.”   Since what we focus on expands, ZNation shines light on what’s good in the world, people doing good things and what’s awakening humanity. Simply said, ZNation is awakening humanity. www.znationradio.com

She’s also a Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Reiki Healer and Author of the book “Thank you for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself”. www.thankyouforhpv.com

Zayna lives in South Florida where she runs Teacher Training Certification Courses out of her Yoga School “I Love Yoga: School of Light”. www.iloveyogastudio.com

Zayna Quotables:

“Love yourself and all will come”- Zayna

“Authentic is the new sexy”- Zayna

“Vulnerable is the new strong” – Zayna

“Be and do with your heart wide open”- Zayna

“This is IT. Tomorrow- even the next breath- is an illusion” – Zayna

“We don’t have to like everyone, but we can LOVE everyone.”- Zayna

“Observe. That’s all there is. Observe.” Zayna