Massive Vaccine Cover-Up

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New evidence shows that members of a global vaccine committee may have been involved in a massive cover-up regarding the safety of the HPV vaccine. State-based action alerts!

Earlier this month, Cornell-trained clinical pathologist Sin Hang Lee, MD, sent an open letter to the director general of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan, alleging that members of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) are guilty of gross misconduct and criminal malfeasance in their efforts to mislead the global public on the safety of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

The controversy revolves around Dr. Lee’s study finding that Gardasil (Merck’s HPV vaccine) contains HPV L1 gene DNA fragments. In a separate case study, Dr. Lee found HPV-16 L1 DNA fragments in post-mortem blood samples of a teenager who died six months after receiving three Gardasil injections. Dr. Lee hypothesizes that the HPV L1 gene DNA fragments bind to aluminum adjuvants in the vaccine and are carried through the blood stream by macrophages to the brain, causing the adverse effects many experience after receiving HPV shots. Based on this evidence, Dr. Lee called for further study of the HPV vaccines.

One would think the scientific community would take heed—especially scientists on the GACVS, who are responsible for advising the world on vaccine safety. Aluminum in vaccines is a serious issue that we’ve addressed at length in previous coverage. There are studies that have linked aluminum to all kinds of negative health effects ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. Other researchers have noted that, despite eighty years of use, the safety of aluminum adjuvants rests largely on assumptions rather than experimental evidence.

Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request indicate that members of GACVS saw Dr. Lee as an inconvenient adversary to their pro-vaccine agenda from the start. Note that this was all taking place before a public hearing in Japan to determine whether or not the Japanese government would recommend the vaccine to its citizens. Because there were no peer-reviewed studies refuting Dr. Lee’s claims, GACVS needed to get creative to reassure the Japanese government that the HPV vaccine was totally safe and Dr. Lee’s findings could be ignored.

GACVS did this through a presentation at the hearing and an official statement afterward. However, as Dr. Lee argues in his open letter, the official statement contains numerous—and in his view, intentional—misrepresentations of peer-reviewed science that conflate the facts in an attempt to mislead the public. Dr. Lee also alleges that members of GACVS knew that the HPV vaccine, more so than other vaccines, caused an increased inflammatory response and the release of cytokines and tumor necrosis factors (TNF)—yet still assured the public that the HPV vaccine was safe. Release of TNF can cause cell death and a wide range of inflammatory reactions—including death in some instances.

GACVS admits in its statement that it did not even review Dr. Lee’s work but claims it was reviewed by a “panel of experts.” No names are provided, nor are any further credentialing details about this “panel.”

Dr. Lee’s letter cites many more instances of GACVS scrambling to refute the science by misstating the facts and misleading the non-scientific public. Interested readers should consult Dr. Lee’s full letter for a more detailed account of this shameful, possibly criminal, manipulation of the facts.

This is only the latest cause for concern in regard to the HPV vaccine’s safety. You can consult our previous coverage for more of that information, especially of the former Merck doctor who said that Gardasil would become the “greatest medical scandal of all time.” There have also been as-yet-unexplained (or even acknowledged) cover-ups of other vaccine research as well, for example the decision to hide evidence that the MMR vaccine caused autism among black male infants.

Science is ever-evolving, with new evidence coming to light all of the time which throws doubt on previously held assumptions. What this scandal shows is that the proponents of the vaccine industry, who consistently and vehemently claim the mantle of “science” to defend their elimination of our freedoms, care less about the actual science than about pushing their own agenda, regardless of the evidence or the cost in human life—the very antithesis of the scientific method. Unfortunately, governments and world health organizations are now integrated into the vaccine industry in a way that can only be described as cronyism.

Action Alerts! On American soil, multiple states are pressing forward with legislation that would limit or restrict your freedom of choice when it comes to vaccination. If you haven’t done so already, check below to see if your state is one of them and please contact your state legislators immediately.

HPV, tetanus vaccines causes deadly new autoimmune disease known as antiphospholipid syndrome

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(NaturalNews) One of the latest technologies being employed in the production of new vaccines involves the use of outer membrane vesicles (OMVs), a type of pathogenic bacteria that mimics the phospholipids naturally found in the human body, as customizable vaccine adjuvants. But vaccines that utilize this untested technology, which include vaccines for tetanus, human papillomavirus (HPV), and influenza, are now being linked to causing a potentially deadly autoimmune disease known as antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

Several recent studies published in prominent medical journals have investigated the connection between APS, which belongs to a wider class of vaccine-induced health conditions known as autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA), and vaccines, and found that OMVs are directly linked to triggering APS. Like the common vaccine adjuvant squalene, vaccine phospholipid materials, when injected into bodily tissue, can trigger an immune response that ends up causing the body to attack its own natural phospholipids.

As far as the tetanus vaccine is concerned, injections containing OMVs and recombinant (genetically-modified) DNA are being shown to cause blindness, cardiovascular disease, headaches and migraines, miscarriages, skin disorders, ulcers, necrosis, and neurological disorders. And as an increasing amount of vaccines are quietly converted to OMV-based adjuvant blends, the prevalence of APS is also expected to continue rising, as it already has been for quite some time.

“OMVs are even more precisely analogous to human tissue (than squalene), because they are not only lipids, they are phospholipids — which are precisely what the body attacks in APS,” explains Heidi Stevenson from Gaia Health about the growing prevalence of vaccine-induced APS. “Therefore, we can anticipate that there will be ever-more cases of APS as we see the approval of ever-more OMV-based vaccines, which are in the pipeline now.”

Cervarix, the HPV vaccine rival to Merck & Co.’s Gardasil, contains OMVs, as do some flu vaccines — and many more common vaccines are being reformulated with OMVs at this very moment. What this means is that we can expect an increasing number of vaccinated individuals to develop autoimmune symptoms as we move forward into the future. And such symptoms are likely to be systemic, as APS can target virtually all areas of the body.

“People with APS are suffering from phospholipid antibodies that are erroneously destroying parts of the eye, cardiovascular system, brain, nerves, skin, reproductive system — in short, any part of the body,” adds Stevenson about the horrific nature of this relatively new condition. “This self-destruction is induced by vaccine technologies.”

Be sure to read Stevenson’s full report on vaccine-induced APS here:

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Gardasil genetic fingerprints found in postmortem samples of girls given vaccine

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer


(NaturalNews) A recent study published in the open-access journal Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs provides shocking new evidence that viral components contained in the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and triggering cerebral vasculitis, a severe form of blood vessel inflammation in the brain that can lead to severe autoimmune disorders and even death.

A postmortem assessment of two young girls from opposite ends of the world who died recently after being given the Gardasil vaccine revealed fragments of the HPV-16L1 antigen, which is added to both Gardasil (Merck & Co.) and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline), inside the girls’ brain tissue. According to the study’s authors, these particles represent a genetic fingerprint of the Gardasil vaccine, which is now clearly exposed as causing serious, adverse events in at least some of the girls that receive it.

For their research, Dr. Chris Shaw from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada and Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic from the Neural Dynamics Research Group in Vancouver examined samples of brain tissue taken from both girls, one 19 years old and the other 14 years old. Their analysis focused specifically on the potential presence of both HPV-16L1 and HPV-18L1, two specific antigens used in HPV vaccines.

Much to their surprise, the researchers observed that HPV-16L1 had bound itself to the walls of cerebral blood vessels in both of the girls’ brains. They also noticed increased T-cell signaling in both brain tissue samples, as well as the marked activation of the classical antibody-dependent complement pathway in the cerebral vascular tissues. Put more simply, viral components of Gardasil that never should have crossed over into the brain, were found to be fully capable of doing precisely this.

“[O]ur IHC (immunohistochemistry) analysis showed evidence of an autoimmune vasculitis potentially triggered by the cross-reactive HPV-16L1 antibodies binding to the wall of cerebral blood vessels in all examined brain samples,” says the study. “Our study suggests that HPV vaccines containing HPV-16L1 antigens pose an inherent risk for triggering potentially fatal autoimmune vasculopathies.”

Study offers definitive proof that Gardasil causes blood vessel inflammation in brain, which can lead to sudden death

Such findings are groundbreaking, as they illustrate for the first time in known history, according to the vaccine awareness group SaneVax, that a vaccine is directly linked to causing a serious, adverse event. And what better vaccine is there with which to make this discovery than Gardasil, which as of this writing has been linked to at least 27,485 adverse events, and at least 121 deaths.

Even though the sample size used in the study was small, and no control subjects used, the presence of Gardasil-specific components in the brain tissue of two different girls from opposite ends of the globe suggests the vaccine contains some type of driving mechanism by which these toxic components are able to be delivered directly into the brain. One major suspect is the aluminum adjuvant used in the vaccine, upon which HPV-16L1 and HPV-18L1 are adsorbed.

“For the average medical consumer, this evidence suggests that the antibodies produced in response to vaccination with the HPV-16L1 may cause one’s immune system to attack its own blood vessels,” wrote Norma Erickson, President of SaneVax, in a recent announcement about the study. “Given that the autopsy in both cases revealed no major abnormality (anatomically, microbiologically or toxicologically) that might have been regarded as a potential cause of death, it appears plausible that the antigenic component of the HPV vaccine (HPV-16L1) was indeed responsible for the fatal inflammation of the blood vessels.”

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Dr. Oz: HPV Is Not A Tell-Tale Sign Your Spouse Is Cheating


If you contract HPV during your marriage, is it a sure sign that your spouse is cheating?

No, says Dr. Oz. The famed doctor recently stopped by HuffPost Live to debunk this myth and talk about human papillomavirus (HPV) — the most common sexually transmitted infection.

“Because this virus can lie dormant for so many years, the first thing to do when you’re diagnosed with an abnormal pap smear is not to divorce your loved one — it’s to look for other possibilites,” Dr. Oz said. “It may still be the main explanation. I’m not going to write that off. But I don’t think the blame game is as convincing a link as I thought before I taped this show.”

Dr. Lauren Streicher, Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University, agreed that contracting the virus while married could point toward’s a spouse’s infidelity, but that it’s not a telltale sign.

“It’s the first thing I tell women when they’re diagnosed with HPV. I say, ‘Were both you and your husband virgins when you got married?’ And unless both of you were virgins, then you may have contracted this years ago and not known it,” she said.

According to the CDC, at least 50 percent of sexually active men and women will get the virus at some point in their lives. There are more than 40 types of HPV — many of which do not have any symptoms, though there are others that can lead to more serious health problems such as genital warts and cervical cancer.

Excerpt from “Thank You for HPV” Chapter 5: Re-write your story (because you can)

Finding out you have a sexually transmitted infection can be challenging emotionally. I know. As women, we generally carry a lot of guilt in association with our sexuality. While we’ve come a long way in this area, we still have a long way to go before we rid ourselves of the stigma that our body and sex are taboo. Adding an STI to the mix only amplifies this guilt.

Let’s get one thing straight. Having sex doesn’t make you a bad person. Getting a virus doesn’t make you bad, either. You did not do anything wrong. You got a virus. It came from a sexual experience you either consented to or didn’t. It doesn’t mean you were irresponsible. It also doesn’t make you stupid or deem you to be a loser. It means you have a virus, that’s all. You got a virus, just like getting a virus when somebody coughs or sneezes—except yours was transmitted sexually, rather than airborne.

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