I just found out I have HPV, now what?

The first advice I can give you is : RELAX. Stress only makes everything worse, especially HPV. Take up yoga, meditation… this will help alot. You can heal yourself emotionally- that’s a start. The stress you are feeling is feeding the HPV. So first, you must take care of you.

Read my book “Thank You for HPV”- this is a good start to get you going with the right mind set and the right foods and supplements to eat for better health and higher immune system.

How long did it take you to to have a normal pap?

I had mild dysplesia, not the cancerous kind because I had warts. They dissapeared after 3 months of realy really cleaning up my food  habits and praying and meditating. You have to really nurture yourself, you know? I have to say though, that my lifestyle and my food habits were already pretty stellar. (Or I thought). I learned about food healing and it’s changed my life. No more fear of being “sick”, not if you eat the right stuff, consistently.

I can’t date anyone because I feel disgusting. I feel like I am so worthless of being someone wife. What advice would you give me? 

Like honestly, think about it, if HPV is transmitted even when wearing a condom- pretty much everyone who has had sexual experience could have it. That’s alot of people who could possibly have it in their bodies, but not know it’s there. Did you know it’s a 12,000 year old virus, it’s been around forever and has not affected us like it is now?  It is basically attacking women’s bodies. And the way out is peace and love for yo’ self girl.

Having HPV does not define you. It will change the way you see things. It will transform your life if you let it- for the better! If a guy can’t handle HPV, than he may not be able to handle you. You are valuable, and “having” HPV does not make you any less valuable! It’s only a virus. There’s plenty of them in the air, in the water, in our food.

And honey, you are a awesome. You’re a hot, beautiful, smart and loving. And that’s that.

A couple months or so ago some bumps appeared on me and my boyfriend. he thinks its HPV but were not sure. 

I don’t now for sure from the descriptions you gave me if it’s HPV or not. I know what mine looked like- it was like my skin was a small cauliflower.

Well, you and you boyfriend are lucky to be going through this together. If you really want to stay together- you can embark on a journey of health and fitness together, like never before.

Is the beta mannan really that good?

Beta Mannan is good. For me, it played a big part.  Eat the best that you can eat and chill out, relax, do relaxing, chilled out things. Stress and the food you eat can both impact how your body responds to the environment.

I suggested to my doctor about the natural cures and they said I must go for a leep now. From your experience. What do u recommended?

I don’t think going for the LEEP is a bad idea. I would do what your doctor is recommending. If you don’t feel confident, get a second opinion.

The important thing is to understand that the LEEP and other surgeries take care of the SYMPTOMS of the problem. They don’t address the cause. So it’s important to start making health changes right away. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing to be scared of. feel blessed that you live in a country where you can be taken care of by a doctor in a clean facility.

What do you think of Papillax?

According to their website, it seems to be a very nice combinations of natural ingredients that help to boost the immune system :

Lycopene, Lutin, Zeaxanthin and other carotenoids are active in enhancing cell-mediated and humoral immune response. Recent studies on the role of carotenoids in gene regulation, apoptosis and angiogenesis have demonstrated that carotenoids regulate immune function (Journal of Nutrition.2004 Jan;134(1):257S-261S. Chew BP, Park JS. Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-6351, USA). Higher circulating levels of carotenoids were associated with a significant decrease in the clearance time of type-specific HPV infection, particularly during the early stages of infection (Cancer Res June 15, 2007 67; 5987)
Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids shown to be a protective anti-carcinogen. A study of 51 patients showed a reduction of 69 percent of cervical dysplasia lesions/HPV in patients who received green tea extracts as either an ointment or capsule (Ahn WS et al 2003). A botanical containing green tea extract, is an effective and well tolerated treatment for external genital and anal warts, results of a controlled study confirm (Obstetrics and Gynecology, June 2008).
Sulphoraphane from broccoli sprout extract, has been shown to stimulate the body’s production of detoxification enzymes that eliminate xenoestrogens. Sulphoraphane is also a powerful antioxidant that protects against carcinogens (Proclamations of the National Academy of Sciences. 1997 Sep 16;94(19):10367-72).
Vitamin C is important to the immune system and many other body functions. In medical studies, persistent HPV infection was lower among women reporting intake values of vitamin C in the upper quartile compared with those reporting intake in the lowest quartile (Giuliano AR, Siegel EM, Roe DJ, et al 2003). An increased incidence of cervical dysplasia has been found with low levels of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in several studies (Romney SL et al 1985; Liu T et al 1993; Potischman N et al1996; Palan PR et al 1996; Kwasniewska A et al 1998; Buckley DI et al 1992; de Vet HC et al 1991; Kwasniewska A et al 1996b; Lee GJ et al 2005).
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects cell membranes from damage. HPV clearance time was significantly shorter among women with the highest compared with the lowest serum levels of tocopherols, but significant trends in these associations were limited to clearance of persistent HPV infection (Cancer Res June 15, 2007 67; 5987).
Selenium is an essential trace mineral that protects cells against free radicals. Cervical dysplasia patients have been found to have abnormal levels of minerals. Studies have shown that patients with cervical dysplasia and invasive cancers have lower levels of selenium and zinc (Kim SY et al 2003; Grail A et al 1986; Rybnikov VI 1985; Liu T et al 1995).
Folic Acid is a vitamin that is essential for healthy cell growth. Insufficient intake of folate is associated with increased risk for HPV and cervical dysplasia (Liu T et al 1993; Kwanbunjan K et al 2004; Buckley DI et al 1992; Grio R et al 1993; Kwasniewska A et al 1997; Weinstein SJ et al 2001; Butterworth CE et al 1992; Ziegler RG 1986; Hernandez BY et al 2003; Goodman MT et al 2001). Higher folate status was inversely associated with becoming HPV-positive. Women with higher folate status were significantly less likely to be repeatedly HPV test-positive and more likely to become test-negative. Studies have shown that lower levels of antioxidants coexisting with low levels of folic acid increases the risk of CIN development. Improving folate status in subjects at risk of getting infected or already infected with high-risk HPV may have a beneficial impact in the prevention of cervical cancer.
Astragalus promotes resistance to disease and is said to help strengthen and restore normal immune function in even seriously debilitated patients. Researchers claim that the herb appears to increase the production of the body’s T-cells (white blood cells), which attack the invaders that cause disease, and seems to protect healthy cells while defending against unhealthy cells. Astragalus works to increase the body’s level of antibodies and interferon (the protein compound that slows the course of viral infection) in the body and is said to be useful in treating immune-deficiency related problems, by stimulating the activity of T-helper cells.
Reishi Mushroom Extract is believed to be a powerful immune system stimulant that wards off many types of diseases by enhancing the activity of key immune cells known as T-helper cells or CD4 cells. It should also be mentioned that Reishi does not produce some of the negative effects associated with the use of antibiotics, which can often stop the invasion of microbes, but will further weaken the immune response after continued use and are also ineffectual in cases of viruses, pollens and malignant cells. It is considered an “adaptogen,” an herb that maintains health by increasing the body’s ability to adapt to environmental and internal stress, restoring optimum health, and generally works by strengthening the immune system. Reishi apparently does not simply stimulate the immune system, it regulates it. Researchers claim that Reishi Mushroom stimulates the body’s production of interferon and interleukin-1 and -2, which combat several types of serious health conditions, and the polysaccharides activate macrophages (immune cells that are our first line of defense against intruders) that attack unhealthy cells.


I would recommend it given the ingredients, everything in there is pretty awesome. But I have not tried it myself, so i cannot give you a recommendation given an personal experience.

Do you have the cure for HPV?

No. But here’s what I do know: there are no viruses or cancer cells that can survive in an alkaline environment. A healthy body promotes healthy cells. An unhealthy, acidic, body promotes and breeds disease. So I keep myself as healthy as I can, and that makes me feel good, and that’s what’ s most important.

Think about it- ALL OF US are prone to cancer and all kinds of disease. There are chemicals in our food, water and in the air that we breathe. We need to STEP UP our immune system for many reasons- not just because of HPV. HPV is just  a WAKE UP CALL

PLUS- know this- CANCER IS TOTALLY REVERSIBLE with stress management and proper food.

How do you know your HPV won’t come back or is just laying dormant?

For me, do I really know for sure, that I am HPV FREE? Reality is, I don’t. But here’s what I do know: there are no viruses or cancer cells that can survive in an alkaline environment. A healthy body promotes healthy cells. An unhealthy, acidic, body promotes and breeds disease. So I keep myself as healthy as I can , and that makes me feel good, and that’s what’ s most important.

Should I tell my boyfriend?

Here’s the reality: most people who are sexually active have HPV- but most don’t know it. It’s crazy, but it’s true.

So, if you really care about this guy and you want to commit to him, than it’s worth it to share with him… and create a conversation around health and healing.  Both of you can take on this new healthy lifestyle together. That would be amazing, right?

The best thing I’ve learned so far is: the truth will set you free. it really does. But you need to do it in your own time.

I have mild displaysia, does this mean the virus is not as easily transmittable?

Technically, you can transfer the virus to anyone, at any stage of the virus.

Here’s the deal- viruses, cancer cells, all those bad guys- none of them can survive in an alkaline, healthy body. If you take on – being the healthiest you’ve ever been, chances are the virus will not survive in your body- and may not transfer to someone else. But there is no guarantee to that. It really depends on so many variables. Your health, their health, etc …

Now as for your future partner’s… well all great and lasting relationships have a foundation of honest communication. Be honest with the people you are with. Have a conversation about this whole thing. I personally believe MOST people who are sexually active- have HPV. It’s almost inevitable! So chances are if they don’t get the virus from you, they may get it from someone else. But if you have a healthy immune system, you are less likely to have it- or transfer it to someone else.

Should I stop eating meat?

I view it like cigarettes. It’s so acidic- you don’t want to put that in your body, it messes up the favorable chemistry of a healthy, alkaline body. Later when you’ve cleared it, and you have moved on – you can, if you wish eat if once in a blue moon, if you really like it and want to eat it. But if you’re serious right now about producing results around your health, I would recommend no meat whatsover.

What about marijuana?

In my experience, weed amplifies what you are feeling already. So if you are depressed, it will take you down that hole even more. It also covers up your emotions while you are high but when the high comes down, the emotions are still there but they are magnified more and more.

Also, I stopped smoking weed because of the smoking part. I felt it was going against the healing process. For a few months, I bought a vaporizer and used that instead. Eventually, I stopped altogether because I wanted to clear the fog around my head, and now I feel alot more clear.

It does not serve, in my opinion.



4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I was diagnosed with CIN2 about 2 months ago. I then searched the web and found your book, I purchased and read right away. For the last month I have been working on cleansing my body and eating a healthy, nearly vegan diet. I’m ready to purchase the beta mannan, but wondering how many pills I should be taking a day. Please advise.

    • — please contact the company Alotek who makes the pills and they will advise you on how to take them. You take them orally, vaginally- and also use them to make a paste to spread on warts if you have them.

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