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  1. Dear Zeina,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful book! I was diagnosed with Moderate Dysplasia about two weeks ago, and decided to have surgery followed by naturopathic medicine. I was initially ashamed and terrified, and I felt like I was somehow being punished for my past “behavior.” Your book, which I completed today while recovering from my LEEP cone biopsy, helped change my outlook, and I feel so truly grateful to have this chance to “start over” and focus on what is really important in life.

    I also want to say that I was nervous about deciding to have surgery-my outlook was often that doctors are too quick to cut, and don’t reveal enough options, but I decided to trust my Doctor’s advice. The day after surgery, I’m in no pain with very little bleeding, and very happy with my decision. I know a lot of women are flooded with horror stories about medical treatments, yet are pressured to believe they had no choice. I did a lot of research and went in feeling excited to be through it, and very positive!

    Your book gave me strength and a positive outlook, and I am also thankful to have had this experience!

  2. I would like to get ur book. Please tell me how. Thank you for reaching out to me. Im still very scared and I haven’t told my bf yet. Im planning to tell him but I want more information first. Does this mean I could never have sex again till im HPV free? Im very confused on how i should live my life now

  3. Dear Zeina

    This is absolutely wonderful information, my father was recently diagnosed with Bladder cancer and myself and my father have begun the journey of alkalising our bodies and trying to detox and cleanse our systems.
    I unfortunately have just been diagnosed with HPV and Mild dyskaryosis and have chosen to not have a biopsy as I do believe that invasive treatments are not conducive to healing the body, I have the power to do that for myself.
    I would really love to be able to add Beta Mannan to my efforts but have been told that this cannot be sold in the UK where I live, do you have any suggestions for how I could get hold of this or any alternatives that are just as good, it seems unfair that geography could impede my success.

    Again many thanks for your book and your wonderful and enlightening outlook on life, if has given me that extra boost I needed after the knock of my diagnosis

    Many thanks


    • HI ALex. I have contacted Alotek to find out why they won’t ship to Europe and they said their product is being blocked at customs because it contains Vitamin E. There are so weird with their regulations in Europe for supplements.And that’s why they’re not shipping to Europe. It’s very unfortunate. Add some aloe vera to your smoothie- get some fresh if you can.

  4. Yes it is strange,but thank you so much for finding out for me, I appreciate your help and will definitely get myself an aloe vera plant

  5. I just found out yesterday that I had HPV. I found 2 small warts near my genitals and made an appointment for the next day. I was hoping and praying that just maybe they were skin tags. The nurse look at it and said nope it’s a wart. I lost it! I wanted to literally just die! All I could think about is who, what when and why me?! The nurse ended up freezing them but I think she missed one so I might have to go back. I hope it goes away soon. I think about if i got this recently or a long time ago and it’s just not revealing it’s self. I feel like trash right now and all I can do is blame myself for even trusting others. I think about my future and what it could have been. Will I be able to have children? I think about how those who I thought loved me didn’t and how I gave the gift of myself away! Getting out of bed is so hard now and going out in the world is even tougher. I can’t stop crying and even look at myself in the mirror. I hate myself! Doing my research I stumbled across your site and it gave me an inkling of hope to know that there is a place I can reach out to others who suffer from HPV as well. I’ll will be joining the support line next Monday. Thank you for this site and having a place to discuss worries, fears, and hurts with those who feel the same way, because it’s not a topic that is discussed daily and I wouldn’t want friends or love ones to know in fear that they will judge. It’s the guilt of my past actions that I can’t seem to forgive myself about. I don’t ever see myself dating or being intimate with someone again and that’s was something I looked forward to about my future. Now I have nothing!

    • Yes, the support line is a great place to share and hear from others. KNow this: you are not alone! MIllions of people are affected by HPV- and many don’t even know it! Consider yourself blessed- knowledge is power! Now you can do something about it!

  6. Thank you for sharing all of your personal experiences with HPV. I stumbled upon your website through positive vibrations and feel that it happened for a reason. I’ve been down and out about HPV I contracted a few years ago. Now that I am trying to get into a serious relationship and have found a wonderful girl, I feel it’s time to try and heal this disease. I’ve been very depressed about the past few years but want to change my perspective. I’ve started to be more positive, meditate a bit more, take deep breaths, and change my overall life and diet. Is there any way you can send me the book and I commit myself to either donating to you financially or spreading your positive vibrations to others.

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